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Thematic Areas in Classics

All Classics degree options require students to choose courses from one or more of the following thematic areas:

• Classical Languages (LA)
• Classical Literature (LI)
• Ancient History (AH)
• Philosophy, Religion and Science (PR)
• Modern Greek (MG)

In the following listings, courses are designated according to the thematic area(s) in which the fall.

Please note that several courses fall into more than one thematic area, but a student may not count the same course for more than one thematic area requirement. Courses designated with an asterisk (*) indicates that the topic of the course changes each time it is taught. Students must consult with the instructor and Classics Advisor to verify for which thematic area(s) a topics course may be counted in a specific area. Certain courses listed below may occasionally be counted toward a different thematic area from the one(s) designated, at the discretion of the instructor and Classics Advisor. Courses not listed below may occasionally be counted toward a Classics program depending on the topic, at the discretion of the Classics Advisor.

Classics, Latin

CLAS 210 Introductory Latin (2 terms, 6 credits): LA
CLAS 310 Reading Latin: LA
CLAS 312 Intermediate Latin: Poetry: LA, LI
CLAS 314 Intermediate Latin: Historians: LA, LI, AH
CLAS 315 Intermediate Latin: Selections: LA, LI
CLAS 411 Advanced Latin: Epic: LA, LI
CLAS 412 Advanced Latin: Lyric: LA, LI
CLAS 413 Advanced Latin: Satire: LA, LI
CLAS 414 Advanced Latin: History: LA, LI, AH
CLAS 415 Advanced Latin: Oratory: LA, LI
CLAS 416 Advanced Latin: Philosophy: LA, LI, PR
CLAS 417 Advanced Latin: Documents: LA, AH
CLAS 418 Advanced Latin: Topics: LA, LI
CLAS 419 Advanced Latin: Post-Classical: LA, LI 

Classics, Ancient Greek

CLAS 220 Introductory Greek (2 terms, 6 credits): LA
CLAS 320 Reading Greek: LA, LI
CLAS 321 Intermediate Greek: Plato/Xenophon: LA, LI
CLAS 322 Intermediate Greek: Orators: LA, LI
CLAS 323 Intermediate Greek: Homer: LA, LI, AH, PR
CLAS 324 Intermediate Greek: Poetry: LA, LI
CLAS 326 Intermediate Greek: Selections: LA, LI
CLAS 421 Advanced Greek: Epic: LA, LI, PR
CLAS 422 Advanced Greek: Lyric: LA, LI
CLAS 423 Advanced Greek: Drama: LA, LI
CLAS 424 Advanced Greek: History: LA, LI, AH
CLAS 426 Advanced Greek: Philosophy: LA, LI, PR
CLAS 427 Advanced Greek: Documents: LA, AH
CLAS 428 Advanced Greek: Topics: LA, LI
CLAS 429 Advanced Greek: Roman Empire: LA, LI

Classics, Honours Courses

CLAS 441 Seminar (1 term, 3 credits): LA, LI, *
CLAS 515 Advanced Latin Authors (2 terms, 6 credits): LA, LI
CLAS 525 Advanced Greek Authors (2 terms, 6 credits): LA, LI

Classics, Classical Civilization

CLAS 200 Ancient Greek Literature: LI
CLAS 203 Greek Mythology: LI, AH, RP
CLAS 206 Classics in Modern Media: LI
CLAS 208 Roman Literature and Society: LI
CLAS 300 Greek Drama and the Theatre: LI
CLAS 305 World of Alexandria: LI, AH
CLAS 307 Ancient Comedy: LI
CLAS 309 The Greek and Roman Novel: LI
CLAS 337 Hellenisms: Rome to Ottomans: LI, AH, PR
CLAS 347 Special Topics in Classics: *
CLAS 348 Greek and Roman Topography: *
CLAS 370 Gender in the Ancient World: LI, AH
CLAS 380 Ancient Greek Religion: LI, AH, PR
CLAS 381 Roman Religion: LI, AH, PR
CLAS 404 The Classical Tradition: AH
CLAS 485 Museums and Ancient Material Culture: LA, AH
CLAS 490 Ancient Historiography: LI, AH
CLAS 491 Ancient Literary Criticism: LI
CLAS 498 Independent Research: * 

Classics, Modern Greek

CLAS 230 Introductory Modern Greek (2 terms, 6 credits): MG
CLAS 331 Intermediate Modern Greek: MG
CLAS 332 The Modern Greek Novel: MG
CLAS 333 Modern Greek Poetry: MG
CLAS 335 Modern Greece: Language and Civilization: MG
CLAS 336 Modern Greek Literature: MG


HIST 205 Ancient Mediterranean History: AH
HIST 231 Archaeology of the Ancient World: AH
HIST 362 Byzantine History and Historiography: AH, LI
HIST 369 Greek History: Early Greece: AH
HIST 368 Greek History: Classical: AH
HIST 379 Greek History: Hellenistic: AH
HIST 391 Roman History: Republic: AH
HIST 375 Roman History: Early Empire: AH
HIST 376 Roman History: Later Empire: AH
HIST 305 Ancient Mediterranean Warfare: AH
HIST 323 History of Sexuality I: AH
HIST 400 Ancient Greece, Rome, China
HIST 407 Topics in Ancient History: AH
HIST 449 Ancient Medicine: AH
HIST 450 Methods in Ancient History: AH
HIST 451 Ancient Mediterranean City-States: AH
HIST 550/551 Ancient History Seminar/Research: AH


ANTH 335 Ancient Egyptian Civilization: AH [course has been retired and is no longer offered. Students who took this course in the past may still count it towards their classics program.]

Art History and Communication Studies

ARTH 209 Introductory to Ancient Art and Architecture: AH


ENGL 347 Great Writings of Europe 1: LI
ENGL 370 History of Theatre 1: LI
ENGL 447 English Literature and European Literature 1: LI

French Literature

FREN 481 Littérature et antiquité: LI [course has been retired and is no longer offered. Students who took this course in the past may still count it towards their classics program.]


PHIL 345 Greek Political Theory: PR
PHIL 350 History and Philosophy of ancient Science: PR
PHIL 353 The Presocratic Philosophers: PR
PHIL 354 Plato: LI, PR
PHIL 355 Aristotle: LI, PR
PHIL 452 Later Greek Philosophy: PR
PHIL 453 Ancient Metaphysics and Natural Philosophy: PR
PHIL 454 Ancient Moral Theory: PR
PHIL 550 Seminar: Ancient Philosophy 1: PR
PHIL 551 Seminar: Ancient Philosophy 2: PR

Political Science

POLI 333 Western Political Theory 1: PR

Religious Studies

RELG 201 Religions of the Ancient Near East: PR
RELG 202 Religions of Ancient Israel: PR
RELG 210 Jesus of Nazareth: PR
RELG 280 Elementary New Testament Greek (2 terms, 6 credits): PR
RELG 326 Ancient Christian Church AD54 - AD604: PR, AH
RELG 381 Advanced New Testament Greek: PR
RELG 482 Exegesis of Greek New Testament: PR
RELG 502 Greco-Roman Judaism: PR
RELG 583 Hellenistic Religious Texts: PR