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Volume XII (2013-14)

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Frontmatter, Table of Contents, Editor's Preface [.pdf]

Katrina Van Amsterdam, "When In Greece, Do as the Persians Don’t: Defining the Identity of the Greeks Against the Persian Imperial ‘Other’" (pp.1-16) [.pdf]

Meghan Poplacean, "Gambling, Threats and Miscalculations: Discussing Rome’s Reaction to the Fall of Saguntum and the Beginning of the Second Punic War" (pp.17-27) [.pdf]

Giulietta Fiore, "Manipulating Rivalry: The Creation of a Roman Identity through Contrasts and Inclusion in Vergil’s Aeneid" (pp.28-36) [.pdf]

Aaron Golish, "Local Mimesis and Plateaic Diegesis: Distinguishing the Self-referential from the Metatheatrical in Greek Tragedy" (pp.37-48) [.pdf]

Madeline Silver, "The Self vs. The Collective: Moral Projects behind the Heroes of the Aeneid and the Iliad" (pp. 49-54) [.pdf]

Douglas Campbell, "Plato on Knowledge" (pp.55-69) [.pdf]

Erin Sobat, "The Pharaoh’s Sun-Disc: The Religious Reforms of Akhenaten and the Cult of the Aten" (pp.70-75) [.pdf]

Elizabeth DeBlock, "Resurrecting Ancient America: The Use of Antiquity in Eighteenth-Century American Culture and the Founding of the Modern Republic" (pp.76-88) [.pdf]

Backmatter: Daniel Galef, “The Stars: An Aristophanic Comedy”; Gemma Israelson, “Glimpses of Antiquity: A Photo Essay” (pp.88-121) [.pdf]