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Volume X 2011-12

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Frontmatter: Table of Contents; Editor-in-Chief's Preface; Sponsors (pp.I-VI) [.pdf]

Andrew Chaban, "What Women and Men Hold Between Them: The Negotiation of Gender in the Fifth of Lucian's Dialogues of the Courtesans" (pp.1-8) [.pdf]

Zoe Forest-Cooter, "Destructive Desire and Doom: The Invasive and Predatory Nature of Sexual Desire in Seneca's Phaedra" (pp.9-17) [.pdf]

Carina De Klerk, "Remembering the Rule of Zeus" (pp.18-29) [.pdf]

Jill Simmons, "Elementorum Congerium: Men and Nature in the Aeneid" (pp.30-37) [.pdf]

Parrish Wright, "Villas and Vicinitas: The Social, Economic, and Political Role of Roman Republican Villas" (pp.38-76) [.pdf]

Hinda Young, "Markers of Jewish Identity in Ancient Rome" (pp.77-85) [.pdf]

Ioana Tutu, "Nature and Weather in Lucan's Pharsalia" (pp.86-100) [.pdf]

Christina De Longhi, "'Then Was a Time for Words': Language of Time in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra" (pp.101-108) [.pdf]

Alexandra Schuller, "Euripides' Medea Lines 1160-1180: A Lars von Trier Interpretation" (pp.109-116) [.pdf]

Elizabeth Ten-Hove, "Paternus Labor: Inheritance and Mythic Convergence in Seneca's Phaedra" (pp.117-125) [.pdf]

Jaqueline McGoldrick, "The End of an Era: The Role of Late Republican Woman through a Case Study of Clodia Metelli" (pp.126-135) [.pdf]

Back Matter: Elizabeth Ten-Hove, Stephanie Adjemian, and Carina De Klerk, "Women of Tragedy"; Jill Simmons, "Pindar's Olympian 7"; Carina De Klerk, "Hippolytos"; Interview with Tassos Anastassiadis (pp.136-150) [.pdf]