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Volume IX 2010-11

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Frontmatter; Table of Contents; Editor-in-Chief's Preface (pp.I-V) [.pdf]

Nicholas Melling, "Disputed Causes of the Third Punic War" (pp.1-10) [.pdf]

Sarah Binns, "Reversal and Theptra in Oedipus at Colonus" (pp.11-19) [.pdf] 

David Whiteside, "Prosody and Meter in Translating Tragedy" (pp.20-32) [.pdf]

Brahm Kleinman, "The Union of Corinth and Argos: Foreign Policy, Citizenship and Ethnicity" (pp.33-55) [.pdf]

Jill Simmons, "Flammam Vivam: Fire and Fertility in the Vestal Cult" (pp.56-55) [.pdf]

Amanda Barile, "A Comparison of Conceptions of the Afterlife in Han China and Classical Athens" (pp.65-82) [.pdf]

Theo Lyons, "Love and Rhetoric in Plato's Phaedrus" (pp.83-90) [.pdf]

Kylie Flynn, "The Context of the Summoning of the Magna Mater to Rome in 205 BCE" (pp.91-98) [.pdf]

Tzveta Manolova, "Outside the Homeric Lens: The Epic Cycle and the Trojan War Tradition" (pp.99-109) [.pdf]

Hinda Young, "Staging Cassandra: Crazy or Controlled?" (pp.110-109) [.pdf]

Ben Nikota, "The Role and Function of Imperial Cults in the Roman and Chinese Empires" (pp.118-124) [.pdf]

Vincent Limoges, "Caesar's Final Aims: Development of the Dictatorship" (pp.125-132) [.pdf]

Backmatter: Photo Essay, "Structures and Statues"; Elizabeth Ten-Hove, "Two Equals"; Interview with Lynn Kozak; Helpful Resources (pp.133-145) [.pdf]