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McGill Concrete Canoe 2015

The McGill Concrete Canoe Team designs, builds and casts a canoe completely out of concrete. The twist? It must float completely submerged below the surface of the water. The team consists of undergraduate engineering students, and we all share an interest in working as a team on a challenging project. That involves creating the best concrete mix, designing the the canoe shape along with a structural analysis, building a mold using various materials, and ultimately, racing the canoe. In the spring, we race our concrete canoe at the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition against many universities across Canada.




Last year (2012-2013) was the team's first time competing since 2009, and our team faced a huge challenge since we were comprised entirely of new members. This year, we are determined to make it on the podium. We are looking for students who show an interest in working with concrete, constructing a mold, or using 3D CAD software for the design, but most importantly, we're looking for fun, engaging and determined team members.



Please concrete [dot] canoe [at] mcgilleus [dot] ca (contact us) if you are interested in getting involved with the MCC team!