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Tim Geary


Canada Research Chair in Parasite Biotechnology

Institute of Parasitology

Tim Geary

McGill University
21,111 Lakeshore Road
Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec H9X 3V9

Tel.: 514-398-7612
Fax: 514-398-7857
timothy [dot] g [dot] geary [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)

Research interests

My appointment in the Institute of Parasitology is effective in September 2005. Coming from a 20-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, I bring to McGill a strong background in drug discovery and in all aspects of the pharmacology of antiparasitic drugs. This work included the molecular identification of drug targets through functional genomic analysis of nematode physiology and the subsequent engineering of recombinant systems for high-throughput screening for new antiparasitic leads.

I intend to continue research on drug targets in parasites and on the chemotherapy of antiparasitic drugs. In addition, my interests include basic work on the proteins secreted by parasites and hosts that determine the success of infection. Proteomic analysis of the ‘secretome’ of filarial parasites, and the manner in which drugs such as ivermectin affect the secretome, will be a focus of my research. This program will encompass in time both protozoal and nematode parasites of human and veterinary importance and will include international collaborators.

Selected Publications

Geary TG, Bourguinat C, Prichard RK.
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Geary TG, Moreno Y.
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Moreno Y, Gros PP, Tam M, Segura M, Valanparambil R, Geary TG, Stevenson MM.
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Geary TG, Mackenzie CD.
Progress and challenges in the discovery of macrofilaricidal drugs. Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther. 2011 Aug;9(8):681-95. Review.

Mackenzie CD, Geary TG.
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Bourguinat C, Keller K, Prichard RK, Geary TG.
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Bourguinat C, Keller K, Blagburn B, Schenker R, Geary TG, Prichard RK.
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Ruiz-Lancheros E, Viau C, Walter TN, Francis A, Geary TG.
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