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CSChE Undergraduate Chapter

The Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE) is the national body for chemical engineers. It helps chemical engineers to stay in touch with each other, keep up-to-date on technologies, etc. This is particularly important after you graduate; suddenly you are no longer surrounded by your friends of four years (all scattered across the globe in various industries), and it is rare to be working with more than a couple other chemical engineers in the same company.

Where we live

It is easy and, compared to other North American cities, relatively cheap to live in Montreal. Since McGill campus is right downtown, you want and can live in the downtown area. Montreal is unique because people live in, work in and enjoy downtown which is safe and lively all the time - at 1pm or 1am.

Student Life

Our Chemical Engineering curriculum keeps the students quite together. They follow the same set of classes, work in groups on all kinds of assignments in all kinds of courses. They are like a big family - everybody knows everybody else.

There are many student-organized activities, good deal of them under the auspices of a very active Student Chapter of the CSChE.

Students also provide their own input into this Departmental web site with their own web page series.