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New Requirement for Research Expenses: Digital Record Retention

MEMORANDUM DATE: September 28, 2015 TO: McGill Researchers, Academic Leadership and Administration Staff CC: Suzanne Fortier, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Christopher Manfredi, Provost FROM: Michael Di Grappa, Vice-Principal Administration and Finance, Rose Goldstein, Vice-Principal, Research and International Relations RE: Digital Record Retention   Dear Colleagues,

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Published on : 01 Oct 2015

Eligibility of new compliance fee for the International Mobility Programs (Tri-Agency Grants)

If you are involved with the financial administration of Tri-Agency grants, please read the message below from Elvie Coletta, Director, RFMS. This message outlines Tri-Agency eligibility requirements for reimbursement of the new compliance fee for the International Mobility Programs. When seeking reimbursement for the new compliance fee, it is recommended to use the following:

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Published on : 22 Apr 2015

New requirements for research funds: authorization of expenses by PIs and record retention

Memorandum Rose GoldsteinMichael Di Grappa Date: May 5, 2014 To: McGill researchers and staff Cc: Suzanne Fortier, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Anthony C.

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Published on : 12 May 2014

Academic salary paid from research funds

The message below was sent by Mary-Margaret Klempa, Senior Director, OSR regarding Academic salaries paid from Tri Agency grants. This is being widely communicated to ensure that we are in compliance with this regulation.  Please read carefully.  Take note that while this memo addresses Tri-Agency regulations, it applies to many other granting agencies.  Any academic salary support to be charged to restricted research funds should be looked into carefully before finalizing an offer letter and/or processing labor distribution appointment forms.

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Published on : 26 Aug 2013

Research Administration and Accountability – Tri-Agency Recommendations - NEW DELEGATION MENU

Memorandum Rose GoldsteinMichael Di Grappa Date: May 6, 2013 To: McGill Principal Investigators Cc: Prof.

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Published on : 09 May 2013