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A hero amongst us

For her extraordinary work with pregnant immigrant women, Dr. Hélène Rousseau was designated "Hero of the Month" by La Presse. These women often find themselves in really precarious conditions and the dedication of Dr rousseau makes a significant difference in their lives. Click here for the whole article (in french only)

Published on : 30 Jan 2015

Yemen - Rebels storm palace

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Published on : 21 Jan 2015

Target to leave Canada

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Published on : 15 Jan 2015

It’s all in a good night’s sleep

Making sure school-aged kids get to sleep at a regular hour is often a struggle for parents. But a study by researchers at McGill University and the Douglas Mental Health University Institute in Montreal suggests it’s well worth the effort: the researchers found that a good night’s sleep is linked to better performance in math and languages – subjects that are powerful predictors of later learning and academic success.

Published on : 08 Jan 2015