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McGill green chemistry students publish the inaugural issue of their own journal

During the fall 2015 semester, students enrolled in the Green Chemistry course (CHEM 462) were involved in a unique initiative. They entirely created their very own journal composed of reports and critiques inspired by the 12 principles of green chemistry. An editorial board composed of students in the course was cast and defined teh scope for this new publication. Students each wrote an article, submitted it to the editors, peer evaluted each other's work and finally presented their final work.

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Published on : 08 Dec 2015

Study of research-paper submissions sheds new light

A large-scale survey of the process for submitting research papers to scientific journals has revealed a surprising pattern: manuscripts that were turned down by one journal and published in another received significantly more citations than those that were published by the first journal to receive them.

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Published on : 12 Oct 2012