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Imagining a sustainable future for Canada

This initiative for sustainable development is in collaboration with researchers and citizens who wish to express an idealistic vision for a sustainable future in Canada. October 17, 2014 | LaNouvelle.net by: Jean-Olivier Goyette Looking for participants

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Published on : 17 Oct 2014

Protests aim to bring attention to need to act on climate change

Dr. Catherine Potvin is a climate scientist in McGill University’s Department of Biology, at the school in Montreal, Thursday, September 18, 2014. On September 21 she will speak at Montreal’s version of the People’s Climate March, a global event billed to be the biggest climate protest in history. Sept. 7, 2014 | The Gazette by: Michelle Lalonde

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Published on : 23 Sep 2014

The time to face up to climate change is now

Gone are the days when thousands of McGill students had to subsist on doughnuts and sad steam trays. Over the last five years, the university has transformed its food services, and tapped into the wealth of produce grown at its Macdonald Campus Sept. 7, 2014 | The Gazette by: Catherine Potvin 

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Published on : 22 Sep 2014

Out of the classroom and into the rainforest

The Panama Field Studies Semester offers McGill undergraduates a unique opportunity to experience the complexity of environmental issues up-close Published on June 9, 2014 | McGill News by: Hannah Hoag (MSc '99)

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Published on : 20 Jun 2014