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Obituary: War veteran Bernard Finestone shared his stories of battle and loss with schoolchildren

Bernard Finestone (BCom'41), a veteran of the Second World War who shared vivid stories of battle, death and loss from the front with Montreal schoolchildren, has died at age 93.

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Published on : 24 May 2013

Event Hall at University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management Named in Honour of Marcel A. Desautels

A newly-opened event space at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management which has already hosted events with global leaders from the fields of management, politics and academics, has been named in honour of one of the School’s leading benefactors. ... The space will be known as Desautels Hall in honour of Dr. Marcel A. Desautels (LLD'07), befitting the school’s most generous donor, who has given an extraordinary $41 million to the Rotman School.

Published on : 24 May 2013

Se lancer en affaires, c'est du sport

Rien ne prédestinait la triathlète Kathy Tremblay et la joueuse de volleyball de plage Marie-Andrée Lessard à lancer une entreprise ensemble. Pourtant, c'est au coeur du village olympique des Jeux de Londres, l'été dernier, qu'une rencontre fortuite leur a permis de jeter les bases d'Équipe Altius, qui propose des services de santé aux entreprises.

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Published on : 24 May 2013

What The Younger Generation Wants At Work - With OgilvyOne CEO Brian Fetherstonhaugh

One of the youngest and with-it industries is advertising and no where more so than the new media side. One of the smarest people I know is Brian Fetherstonhaugh (BCom'79), who is the CEO of OgilvyOne, the new media part of Ogilvy, the great advertising company. So it quite interesting to talk to Brian about the younger generation and how it likes to be worked with, he has got many on his staff. Over to Brian.

Published on : 31 May 2013

Conducting an Energy Design Review [Chemical Engineering Progress]

Formal energy design reviews help to ensure that energy is treated as a key factor in decision-making throughout the various stages of a design project. This approach can significantly improve a site's energy performance. ... ROBERT GRIESBACH (MBA'74), P.Eng., CMC, is Director of Energy Consulting for Hatch, Ltd., where he is responsible for Hatch's energy management practice and its supply-side energy consulting work.

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Published on : 06 Jun 2013

Shining Stars of Aviation

History is hardly new at the Canada Air and Space Museum in Ottawa, but the eclectic display of vintage and modern aircraft was enhanced on May 30 by the presence of living history – specifically, the 2013 inductees into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame (CAHF). ... Bennett (BCom'51), 84, a St. John’s, NL, native and son of a decorated Royal Flying Corps pilot in WWI, took his first lessons in a Piper Cub as a teenager.

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Published on : 04 Jun 2013

Alderon Iron Ore Appoints New CFO

Alderon's current CFO, Keith Santorelli, gave notice to Alderon of his intention to pursue other opportunities and is committed to ensuring a seamless transition of his responsibilities to Laurin. Alderon Iron Ore Corp. (TSX: T.ADV, Stock Forum) announced the appointment of François Laurin (BCom'82, DPA'83) as Chief Financial Officer of the company. ... Laurin earned a graduate diploma in Public Accountancy and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University.

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Published on : 12 Jun 2013

C.P. Leblond - Stem Cell Renewal Theory

Over 60 years ago, Yves Clermont and Charles Leblond characterized the steps of sperm differentiation in the testis. This enabled them to identify for the first time the population of spermatogonia responsible for the production of spermatozoa. We celebrate 60 years later the publication of their landmark paper and their discovery. Read more

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Published on : 13 May 2013

$5 million generous gift from McGill alumni to the Faculty of Religious Studies

McGill alumni Barbara and Patrick Keenan, gave a transformative gift of $5 million to the Faculty of Religious Studies, as part of the University’s fundraising effort, Campaign McGill: History in the Making. This donation – the largest to the Faculty since its founding – will fortify teaching, research, scholarly collaboration and outreach related to the study of comparative religion and interfaith dialogue. 

Published on : 09 May 2013

Talking Management with Karl Moore: Want to Keep Younger Employees? You've Got to Play by Their Rules

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University speaks to Brian Fetherstonhaugh (BCom'79), CEO and Chairman of OgilvyOne in New York City. Read full transcript: The Globe and Mail, April 23, 2013

Published on : 26 Apr 2013

Running Rural Estate Was Step into New World

Few people have the confidence to apply for a job - especially a high-level position - without meeting the main criteria for the role. But John Varley (IMPM'00) did and was offered the job. He then suffered two or three sleepless nights agonising over whether to accept it.

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Published on : 26 Apr 2013

TELUS President & Chief Executive Officer, Darren Entwistle Speaks Out: Innovation & Mentorship

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance issued the following news release: Please take five minutes to view the video of TELUS President & CEO, Darren Entwistle (MBA'88), who was interviewed recently by Hart Hillman, CATA National Leadership Council member, on the importance of innovation and mentorship to creating Canada's competitive innovation nation.

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Published on : 26 Apr 2013

Alan Desnoyers prend du galon chez BMO Harris

Alan Desnoyers (BCom'85) a été promu vice-président et directeur général pour le Québec de BMO Banque privée Harris. M. Desnoyers, qui dirigera une équipe d'une centaine de personnes, sera responsable de la mise en oeuvre de la stratégie globale de cette entité qui offre aux plus fortunés des services bancaires et fiduciaires, ainsi que des services de gestion de placement, de planification successorale et philanthropiques.

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Published on : 06 May 2013

$5 million gift strengthens interfaith scholarship

“In our globalized world, religion is a vital dimension of our humanity,” said Barbara Keenan. “It is very important that today’s students – no matter what their course of study – have an understanding of and sensitivity to the multitude of faith traditions and the cultures they produce. This knowledge will help to shape them as tomorrow’s leaders.”

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Published on : 01 May 2013

Oprah Gives a Shout Out to David's Tea

Imagine, if you can, America’s most influential celebrity telling the world that she loves you and she loves your product.And all of this, at the low price of next-to-nothing.... All in all, David’s Tea “hit the jackpot,” marketing expert Demetrios Vakratsas concluded Friday.For any company, especially one that relies on word-of-mouth advertising — rather than paid advertising in traditional media — Oprah’s endorsement “is a dream placement,” the McGill University, Desautels faculty of management professor, said.

Published on : 15 Apr 2013