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This message is sent on behalf of Cristiane Tinmouth, Associate Vice-Principal, Financial Services and Ghilaine Roquet, Chief Information Officer, Office of the CIO

Dear Colleagues,

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Published on: 20 Oct 2016

The following are Transaction Services’ deadlines prior to the Holidays:

Travel (advances and expense reports)

  • Advances, non-FST expense reports and Professional Development Fund received by the Travel Desk by December 3rd at 5:00 p.m. will be processed by December 21st.
  • FST expense reports and Advances received by the Travel Desk by December 14th at 5:00 p.m. will be processed by December 21st.
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Published on: 1 Dec 2015

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Cristiane Tinmouth
Francois Pouliot

Date:       May 21, 2014

To:          FIS ListServ

Cc:          Office of Sustainability

Subject:  Electronic Invoicing - eSettlement

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Published on: 21 May 2014

Dear Colleagues,

As you may have noticed, since October 2013, all calls made to the Travel Desk (514-398-3180) and all calls made to Accounts Payable (AP) (514-398-3895 & 514-398-3880) have been routed to the Finance Help Desk (514-398-3463).

Effective January 8th, the Travel Desk and AP phone lines will no longer be in service. Dial 514-398-3463 to reach the Finance Help Desk. Our Finance Trainers will continue to answer Travel and Accounts Payable questions. When needed, they will forward your issues/questions to the appropriate area.

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Published on: 8 Jan 2014