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DISE's Rachel Zellars pens opinion piece: "Place Renaming Risks Continued Erasure of Black Quebeckers"

DISE PhD student Rachel Zellars, who has spearheaded a recent petition asking the Quebec Toponymy Commission to review 11 place names deemed pejorative, has written an opinion piece for Canadian bilingual independent news outlet Ricochet.

Published on : 19 Oct 2015

"Social change has never been neat," DISE's Dr. Choudry tells University Affairs

"Social change has never been neat," said Dr. Aziz Choudry, of our Department of Integrated Studies in Education, in a recent University Affairs article about student activism. "It's not always pretty," argues the article by Diane Peters, "but idealistic students continue to affect change, be it social, economic or environmental." 

Published on : 19 Oct 2015

Teachers' strike on Sept. 30

“Teachers in many French public schools are planning a one-day strike on Wednesday, Sept. 30, to voice their displeasure over contract talks with the Quebec government.” (Source: The Montreal Gazette)

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Published on : 29 Sep 2015

DISE PhD student Rachel Zellars leads petition to Quebec toponymy commission

A petition started by McGill PhD student Rachel Zellars is asking Quebec's toponymy commission to rename 11 locations in the province. National Post's Katherine Wilton reported on the petition in an article published Thursday, "Change names of Quebec places with N-word in them, petition asks Quebec commission" (Katherine Wilton, Postmedia News, August 13, 2015). Over 600 people have signed the petition, reports Wilton.

Published on : 17 Aug 2015


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Published on : 21 Apr 2015

Quebec Provincial Budget

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Published on : 20 Mar 2015

Isotopic memory of atmospheric persistence

Chemical analysis of some of the world’s oldest rocks, by an international team led by McGill University researchers, has provided the earliest record yet of Earth's atmosphere. The results show that the air 4 billion years ago was very similar to that more than a billion years later, when the atmosphere -- though it likely would have been lethal to oxygen-dependent humans -- supported a thriving microbial biosphere that ultimately gave rise to the diversity of life on Earth today.

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Published on : 14 Jan 2015

Financial Options for a Country Waiting for a Divorce

Authors: Reuven Brenner Publication: La Presse, IRRP Excerpt:  In its first paragraph, the draft bill of the Quebec government, tabled on December 7, 1994 in the National Assembly, declares that "Quebec is a sovereign country." In the next paragraphs the bill indicates ways in which constitutional, territorial and legal issues, as well as those linked with currency and international alliances would be settled in case of separation. Paragraph 15 states:

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Published on : 15 Sep 2014