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Mehmet Gumus news

"Returns Policies Between Channel Partners for Durable Products," Marketing Science

Authors: Gumus, Mehmet; Ray, Saibal; Yin, Shuya Publication: Marketing Science Abstract:

Category :
Published on : 27 Aug 2013

"Shipping Fees or Shipping Free? A Tale of Two Price Partitioning Strategies in Online Retailing," Production and Operations Management

Authors: Gumus, Mehmet; Li, Shanling; Oh, Wonseok; Ray, Saibal Publication: Production and Operations Management, July 2013 Abstract:

Category :
Published on : 08 Aug 2013

Supply-side story: Risks, guarantees, competition, and information asymmetry

Authors: Gumus, Mehmet; Ray, Saibal; Gurnani, Haresh Abstract:

Category :
Published on : 05 Oct 2012