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Sobeys drives sales with fuel discounts

Like ice cream and baseball, grocery store fuel discounts are fast becoming part of Canada’s summer landscape.

Published on : 04 Jun 2014

Sobeys Sees Future Benefits in Quebec Gas Station Deal

A swap of several gas station and corner store locations between Sobeys Quebec and CST Brands will help both companies grow their respective brands in la belle province, the dealmakers said. ... For Martin Qiu, an assistant professor of marketing with the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, the CST-Sobeys swap is a reflection of a growing gas-groceries-convenience trend that is already well underway south of the border.

Published on : 02 Dec 2013

Why Marlboro Country ends at the border

Marketers spend plenty of time defending their brands against copycats, but it is not often that a product copycats itself. … Creating confusion with a more well-known product can be highly valuable for a competitor, said Chun Qiu, a marketing professor at McGill University, who focuses on the subject.

Published on : 02 Aug 2012