Ce qu'il faut savoir Toutes les universités addichent des chiffres pour montrer que l'obtention du MBA a permis à leurs étudiants de faire évoluer leur carrière de façon intéressante et rapide. 

... Pour les étudiants de McGill (2011-2012), le taux de placement trois mois après l'obtention du diplôme est, depuis les cinq dernieres années, supérieur à 90% en moyenne, précise Marie-José Beaudin, directrice exécutive du Centre de carrières de la Faculté de gestion Desautels de l'Université McGill. 

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Published on: 9 Sep 2014

Tolulope Ilesanmi, MBA McGill University, 2005

Founder and Cleaner, Zenith Cleaners

Cleaning, for most, is a chore. But for Tolulope Ilesanmi, it is a practice, a business, and an agent of social change.

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Published on: 9 Sep 2014

Tahun lalu, tim mahasiswa MBA dari McGill University Kanada memenangkan $1 juta (Rp 11,8 miliar) dari kompetisi Hult Prize. Mereka berhasil menciptakan 'power flour', yakni tepung lokal (gandum, jagung, singkong, dll) yang dicampur tepung serangga lokal.

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Published on: 8 Sep 2014

Great minds may think alike, but for some MBA programs, different minds can lead to great thinking.

... Cross-disciplinary connections whether across faculties or industry enhance the value of an MBA for both the student and industry, said Don Melville, director of the Masters Program at Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal.

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Published on: 28 Aug 2014

At 34, Daniel Schwartz isn’t exactly a child anymore. But it’s certainly tempting to label him as some kind of “wunderkind” given his meteoric career trajectory. He was 33 when he landed the top executive job at Burger King.

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Published on: 28 Aug 2014

The chief executive officer of a major Canadian multinational came to our MBA CEO Insights class and told us that, as an introverted leader, he had to put on his “game face” whenever he left his floor.

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Published on: 28 Aug 2014

LocoMobi are pleased to announce Luce Veilleux has joined the LocoMobi Board of Advisors.

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Published on: 8 Aug 2014

If you've turned on the news lately, you may have gotten the sense that the world is falling apart. From rising body counts in Gaza and Israel to a plane getting shot down in Ukraine to increasing violence in Nigeria and Syria, it can often seem like a never-ending stream of grim realities.

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Published on: 8 Aug 2014

Palm weevils. To look at, these tiny bugs are relatively unassuming, perhaps even slightly creepy to the insect-adverse. To Mohammed Ashour, however, they are the solution to many of the ills facing the developing world. The humble palm weevil could potentially eradicate world hunger and malnutrition, it could lift whole communities out of poverty, and bring down global C02 levels. For a creature measuring just a few inches in length, that's a lot of power.

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Published on: 8 Aug 2014

Every week, Inside Africa takes its viewers on a journey across Africa, exploring the true diversity and depth of different cultures, countries and regions.

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Published on: 31 Jul 2014

From Richard Branson to Steve Jobs, entrepreneurs might be considered the defining business leaders of this generation.

... “When they come into the class, 90 percent of them don't know what they're going to do,” says Alex Kalil, who teaches on two entrepreneurship courses at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management. 

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Published on: 24 Jul 2014

As David Cameron reshuffles his Cabinet, a guide to female Conservative high-fliers tipped to join the top table.

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Published on: 15 Jul 2014

Alain Tadros, Chief Operating Officer of the Publicis Worldwide companies in Québec, announces the return of Thomas Lecordier to BCP and his appointment as Executive Vice President.

... Passionate about digital, Thomas is renowned in the industry for his skills in strategic branding and new trends. Thomas holds an MBA in Strategy and Marketing from McGill University.

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Published on: 15 Jul 2014

Mohammed Ashour has an idea he is certain will help the world’s millions of impoverished, ill-nourished slum dwellers. It’s simple: Feed them bugs.

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Published on: 15 Jul 2014