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Expert on Trade: Brexit, CETA, and Canada-China free trade

What will be the impact of Brexit on Canada? What will happen with the new upcoming new Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) this summer? Also, what can one expect from upcoming free trade talks between Canada and China? Andrea Bjorklund, Professor, Faculty of Law, McGill University

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Published on : 30 Mar 2017

Why Canada was shut out of Asia’s new power forum

Last week, a Globe article outlined the challenges that Canada faces in establishing itself as a trading power in the Asian region. As I read along, I suddenly thought of a scene from the movie Shrek, where the donkey character jumps in and out of view, shouting: “Oh, oh, pick me . . . oh, pick me . . . oh me . . . me, me, meeeee (donkey falls out of view)”. -Article by William Polushin

Published on : 25 Sep 2012