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CCVC Seminar: Clément Sanchez - Integrative materials chemistry: from nanostructured to hierarchically structured inorganic and hybrid materials

21 Sep 201513:30

Hybrid inorganic-organic materials can be broadly defined as synthetic materials with organic and inorganic components which are intimately mixed.

Epidemiology Seminar

21 Sep 201516:00

  Pollution, Infectious Disease, and Infant Mortality: Evidence from the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic Josh Lewis, PhD Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Université de Montréal

V. Ramakrishnan, PhD / Seminar Title: “The use of recent advances in electron microscopy to study ribosome structures"

22 Sep 201511:45

Hosted by the Department of Biochemistry,Mandatory for Biochemistry Students,

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CCVC Seminar: Gregory Fu - Metal-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions of Alkyl Electrophiles

22 Sep 201513:00

Despite the tremendous accomplishments that have been described in the development of transition metal-catalyzed coupling processes, it is nevertheless true that many significant opportunities remain.  For example, to date the overwhe

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Biostatistics Seminar

22 Sep 201515:30

  A word of caution regarding stabilized weights when using marginal structural models to estimate the effect of exposure history Denis Talbot, PhD

Ekkehard Leberer, PhD / Seminar Title: “Nucleic Acid Therapeutics: Opportunities and Challenges in Drug Development"

22 Sep 201516:00

Hosted by the Department of BiochemistryNon mandatory for Biochemistry Graduate StudentsEkkehard Leberer, PhD Professor of Biochemistry

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"McGill's Answer for Cancer" team training session (Run for the Cure)

22 Sep 201517:30

For the third year in a row, McGill is making a commitment to reach out beyond the Roddick Gates by raising funds for breast cancer research, education, and awareness programs.

Antimicrobial resistance and sustainability of water infrastructures

22 Sep 201518:00

The spread of antimicrobial resistance challenges the sustainability of water infrastructures and threatens modern medical advances.

OSR New Faculty Orientation

23 Sep 201510:00

The Office of the Vice-Principal, Research and International Relations (RIR) and the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) are pleased to invite you to our upcoming New Faculty Orientation sessions.

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uApply (Graduate Admissions System) maintenance - September 23

23 Sep 201516:00

The uApply system will undergo a scheduled maintenance operation Wednesday, September 23, between 4 pm and 6 pm. The system will be unavailable during this period.  uApply is the system used by applicants to McGill graduate programs and by admissions staff to process those applications.

Research in Germany – Information Session for Faculty

24 Sep 201510:00

McGill University’s Office of Sponsored Research is pleased to invite all McGill researchers to: Research in Germany – Information Session for Faculty

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Research Ethics and Conduct Seminars (Parts I and II)

17 Sep 201510:00
24 Sep 201511:30

  Macdonald Campus Graduate Students and Faculty are invited to attend the annual Research Ethics and Conduct seminars, held on two consecutive Thursdays (September 15 and 24).

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