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Why McGill needs ECOLE

McGill School Or Architecture teams up with volunteers to foster growth of Montreal's bee population. Published on Feb 18, 2014 | McGill TribuneWritten by Ilana Khin

Published on : 19 Feb 2014

McGill student-run initiative Educational Community Living Environment (ECOLE) project funded

Educational Community Living Environment looks forward to new house Published on Feb 17, 2014 | The DailyWritten by Sarina Gupta

Published on : 19 Feb 2014

ECOLE to Integrate Sustainable Living into McGill Residence

The student-run initiative “ECOLE” (Educational COmmunity Living Environment) is working to transform a MORE house into a space for sustainable living to open in September 2014. Published on January 20 2014 | Bull and BearWritten by Tess Wrobleski

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Published on : 23 Jan 2014

SSMU Talks Sustainable Student Living with ECOLE

See the coverage in the two articles below Published on September 30 | McGill DailyWritten by by Lauria Galbraith and Hannah Reardon 

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Published on : 07 Oct 2013