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Entre Nous with Richard Pound, Chancellor: Fair play's vocal champion

He's brash. He's outspoken. He's controversial. He's Richard Pound, the man most feared by athletes juiced up on drugs.

Published on : 29 Mar 2007

Slam dunk historical find

An important cache of James Naismith's personal effects was recently found in the basement of his last surviving relative's home, and it included photographs and documents providing fresh insights into Naismith's invention of basketball in 1891.

Published on : 02 Mar 2007

Wise world of sports

McGill recently established a new national best, producing 147 student-athletes who earned Academic All-Canadian status. It's the seventh consecutive year that McGill has had more than 100 honorees receive the Canadian Interuniversity Sport designation.

Published on : 02 Mar 2007

Hockey Martlets' million a gift of love

The Martlets are recipients of a record-setting gift, all of which was inspired by a love that blossomed at the hockey rink.

Published on : 15 Mar 2007

Kudos: Levitin, Urquhart and Martlets score

We will take them on the bookshelves, we will take them on the hockey rink.

Published on : 15 Mar 2007

Million dollar gift to McGill makes sporting history

David and Sheryl Kerr, both Montreal natives who now reside in Toronto, have bestowed a $1 million gift to the McGill University women's hockey team.

Published on : 02 Mar 2007

Marvelous Martlets

In honour of International Women's Day, we focus upon McGill's dedicated crew of female student-athletes.

Published on : 01 Mar 2007

Mac woodsmen a cut above the competition

The Mac men's lumberjacks prove to be rotten hosts when they leave the competition in their sawdust at the 47th annual McGill Woodsmen Competition at Macdonald Campus.

Published on : 08 Feb 2007

Jonathan Blais: Cutting the competition down to size

He's the Sidney Crosby of North American lumberjacks -- just 19 years old and the very best collegiate woodsman on the continent.

Published on : 25 Jan 2007

Senate passes anti-hazing policy

In response to last year's hazing incident involving members of the McGill Redmen football team, Senate approved a policy forbidding hazing and inappropriate initiation practices both on and off campus.

Published on : 07 Dec 2006

Two weeks of triumph

The juggernaut that is McGill athletics brings back five major titles in just two short weeks.

Published on : 09 Nov 2006

First and 10

Disgraced a year ago, the playoff-bound McGill Redmen football team are making headlines for all the right reasons this season.

Published on : 26 Oct 2006

From classroom to cleats: McGill produces record number of All-Canadians

Who says you can't be a great student and a great jock at the same time? Okay, it's true that most of us can't -- but, as it happens, a whole lot of McGill students excel in both. In fact, last year McGill set a new national record by racking up 147 All-Canadians.

Published on : 07 Sep 2006

Profile: Victor Chisholm: Climbing his personal Everest

Undergraduate research officer Victor Chisholm recounts how he went from someone who was afraid to put his face in the water four years ago to a triathlon silver medalist in the Outgames.

Published on : 24 Aug 2006

Coupez !

C'est un sport de grâce, de synchronisme, de coordination, sans oublier bien sûr les heures d'entraînement intense. Pour les bûcheronnes et bûcherons de McGill, il n'est pas question de vivredans l'ombre des équipes sportives mieux connues.

Published on : 03 Aug 2006