School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Two SCSD Ph.D students tied for 2nd place in the Speech Communication Poster Competition at the 174th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, held in New Orleans December 4-8, 2017.

Sarah Colby - for her poster: Inhibitory and lexical frequency effects in younger and older adults’ spoken word recognition

AJ Orena  - for his poster: Segmenting words from bilingual speech: evidence from 8- and 10-month-olds


Published on: 21 Dec 2017

Some scientists argue that baby talk not only helps infants acquire language, it helps parents form a positive emotional bond with their babies, said Linda Polka, a professor in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at McGill University in Canada.

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Published on: 11 Dec 2017

By Sophia Blankenhorn

Photo: Brooke Wedlock

When CBC Radio’s Metro Morning announced Kanwar Anit Singh Saini, MSc(A)’11, as a nominee for ‘Torontonian of the year’ in 2016, it came as a “huge surprise” to Saini.

Perhaps it shouldn’t have.

Since moving to Toronto from his native Montreal, Kanwar Anit Singh Saini, MSc(A)’11, a speech language pathologist (SLP), has found many novel ways to give back to his community.

There is the volunteer work he undertook to ease the transition for newly arrived Syrian refugees.

Published on: 11 Oct 2017

Doctoral student Adriel John (AJ) Orena wins the Raymond H. Stetson Scholarship in Phonetics and Speech Science

This award was established through a grant to the Acoustical Society Foundation in 1998 to honor the memory of Professor Raymond H. Stetson, a pioneer investigator in phonetics and speech science. The purpose of the scholarship is to facilitate the research efforts of promising graduate students.  

Published on: 27 Jul 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the Office 365 Portal Photo Contest!

The 3 photos that received the highest ratings were:

  •  Redpath Museum lit up at night in the snow, submitted by Vahid Ghorbanian
  •  Arts building with colorful trees and bikes in front, submitted by Hamed Rafezi
  •  Arts building with leaves on the ground, submitted by Reza Tadayon


These 7 photos receive honorable mentions:

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Published on: 25 Nov 2016

IT Services is looking to enhance our Office 365 portal login page with McGill campus-life photos.

The Office 365 portal (
<< shown here, is where hundreds of McGill people sign in daily to access email via Outlook on the web, OneDrive file storage, Yammer, Video @ McGill, and other free services for McGill students, faculty and staff. 

What better way to showcase your talent and attract recognition from the whole McGill community?

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Published on: 20 Oct 2016

1.  Grad Supervision website: The newly updated Supervision website provides comprehensive evidence-based information about supervision best practices, policies, roles and responsibilities, and resources for both students and supervisors.

2.  SKILLSETS : SKILLSETS provides interdisciplinary professional development offerings to all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. There are over 250 free professional skills events and workshops throughout the year.

Published on: 5 Oct 2016

McGill is dedicated to provide its community with the safest environment possible.


While the events depicted in this video are extremely unlikely, we need to make sure that everyone is ready to respond if such a dramatic event was to occur.


Please also note that the video may be difficult to see for some students. Students are advised that the video depicts violent and traumatic situations.

Published on: 14 Sep 2016