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How Grantmaking Can Create Adaptive Organizations

Coal mining was the economic lifeblood of eastern Kentucky for most of the twentieth century, providing families in this rural mountainous region with one of the few sources of a middle-class income. But those jobs began disappearing in the 1980s as producers switched from underground mining to surface mining and mountaintop removal. More recently, mining operations have shifted to western U.S. states as the coal seams in Central Appalachia have become depleted.

Published on : 22 Aug 2016

A Knight is Reborn

Knight Therapeutics Inc. (TSX: GUD) ("Knight"), a leading Canadian specialty pharmaceutical company, today announced that Samira Sakhia, former CFO of Paladin Labs Inc. ("Paladin"), will be joining the Knight team as President and member of the Board of Directors. In her new role, beginning on August 31, 2016, Samira will report to Jonathan Ross Goodman, CEO of Knight.

Published on : 19 Aug 2016

Are you a strategic thinker or just a planner?

I made the point in the first of these columns that one of the main differences between leadership and management is the ability to have a strategic perspective and think strategically. This is universally expected of leaders, almost never taught to anyone formally, and therefore often marks one of the tougher transitions for very successful managers in becoming effective leaders.

Published on : 19 Aug 2016

Nepotism at Work: Does Your Job Pick Favorites?

Your boss promotes his incompetent nephew, even though he’s clearly not management material. The company owner’s 20-something daughter gets a private office, but almost every other employee works in a cube. Your co-workers who are chummy with management always get the plum assignments, while others are stuck with busywork. Favoritism rears its ugly head in many offices, and as an employee, there’s not a lot you can do about it. Nepotism at work may be unfair, but it’s not exactly illegal.

Published on : 19 Aug 2016

Is My GMAT Score Good Enough?

As a numerical score, the GMAT hints at offering a solid ‘pass-rate’ for potential students to work towards. If only it were so simple. Business schools everywhere tend to publish an average score, rather than a minimum score, erring on the side of caution. Their reasoning is that a lower GMAT score combined with a number of other attributes could still mean success come admissions time.

Published on : 19 Aug 2016

Strategy Is Better Than Good Intentions

Good intentions, energy and teamwork are necessary, but good strategy is also vital for nonprofit operations. The brainy stuff really comes in handy. Speaking during the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Fundraising Day In New York 2016, David M. Sterling of Western New England University stressed the necessity of strategy within an organization.

Published on : 19 Aug 2016

Sharing a wealth of information: how regulators can improve fracking disclosure practices

Both the information about fracking and the know-how abouthow best to employ it is available.Should they choose to do so, regulators can easily and cost effectively adopt disclosure practices that will benefit Canadians and their communities.

Published on : 19 Aug 2016

Should dangerous goods be travelling on Montreal's highways?

Alain Duguet and Gilbert Prince crisscrossed Canada and the United States together a number of times, two truck drivers cramped in a relatively small space. They could chat for hours, getting into disagreements every now and then, but Prince was such a jovial person that he laughed even when he was upset, Duguet said. "I'm talking about him in the past tense…" Duguet said. He sighed. His voice trailed off.

Published on : 19 Aug 2016

Transport de matières dangereuses: aux élus d'agir

Un camion-citerne rempli de diesel qui s'enflamme au coeur d'une grande ville, en pleine heure de pointe : ce genre d'événement donne froid dans le dos. L'accident survenu cette semaine sur l'autoroute 40 est certes tragique, mais il aurait pu être encore plus grave. Il doit maintenant servir de signal d'alarme et nous forcer à évaluer chaque maillon de la chaîne du transport routier de matières dangereuses au Québec.

Published on : 19 Aug 2016

Enriching Leadership Skills through Diversity of Experience

I remember it as if it were yesterday when my boss clapped me on the shoulders saying, “congratulations Martin, you are nominated for the IMPM!” Frankly, that was the first time I’d heard about the International Masters in Practicing Management (editor’s note: This is a certificate program aimed at experienced managers, and in which participants can also complete master’s degree requirements for a qualification from McGill University or Lancaster University).

Published on : 19 Aug 2016

Route1 Reports 2016 Second Quarter Financial Results

Effective August 29, 2016, Peter Chodos will become Route1’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Peter has been an independent member of Route1’s Board of Directors since September 2009, serving most recently as the Company’s Chair of the Compensation Committee and as a member of the Company’s Audit Committee. He has over 35 years of experience in the capital markets including private and public financings of debt and equity as well as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Published on : 18 Aug 2016

Renin Corp. Appoints Eduardo Lopez as Vice President of Management Information Systems

 Renin Holdings, LLC, ("Renin," and/or "Renin Corp."), today announced that it has appointed Eduardo Lopez as Vice President of Management Information Systems. In this role, Mr. Lopez will have full responsibility for the Information Technology ("IT") organization at Renin and will become a key member of the Renin executive leadership team.

Published on : 18 Aug 2016

Why dangerous materials go through cities

Watch the full interview with Professor Vedat Verter here CTV News, August 11, 2016 

Published on : 18 Aug 2016

World Social Forum reboots in Montreal

Fifteen years after the World Social Forum (WSF) began with a huge gathering in Porto Alegre, Brazil, organisers are hoping to breathe new life into the anti-globalisation movement. ..."When I talk with Montrealers, no one is aware of this forum and so few people know about the WSF in general, whereas everyone knows Davos," said Henry Mintzberg, a professor at McGill University in Montreal, contrasting the WSF with its nemesis, the World Economic Form held each year in the posh Swiss Alps resort.

Published on : 18 Aug 2016

Daoust songe à restreindre le transport des matières dangereuses

Le ministre des Transports Jacques Daoust envisage de restreindre le transport des matières dangereuses pendant les heures de pointe, au lendemain du spectaculaire accident qui a coûté la vie au chauffeur d'un camion-citerne sur l'autoroute Métropolitaine, mardi après-midi.

Published on : 18 Aug 2016