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Is Bombardier too big to fail? A TV panel discusses the seminal Quebec company

Desautels Associate Professor Karl Moore appeared on an April 7th Breakfast Television panel to address the question of whether or not Bombardier is too big to fail. Professor Moore stated that, in some ways, this is definitely true, just because of the role it plays in the Canadian economy and the fact that it is “Canada’s greatest global competitor, in terms of size and in terms of where the exports go.”

Published on : 11 Apr 2017

McGill lands on Corporate Knights’ Future 40 list

Now in its fourth edition, Corporate Knights’ Future 40 ranking is a yearly roundup of companies and organizations that are transitioning towards a low-carbon future. The list heavily reflects Ontario-based companies and utilities, but there is also a lot of representation from Canada’s mining sector and medium-sized oil and gas producers, all of which are pivoting towards greater sustainability in their production processes.

Published on : 11 Apr 2017

Imran Amed honoured with Vanguard Award

“I’m not looking at fashion through a Canadian lens, or even a Western lens, but a global lens,” says Imran Amed (BCom'97). Indeed, he doesn’t even look at it through the eyes of someone who grew up steeped in fashion. Mr. Amed started Business of Fashion as a personal blog while he was working as a management consultant with zero fashion training. Today, his London-based site is the go-to source for news-hungry glitterati.

Published on : 11 Apr 2017

Montreal team nets $50,000 for its green housing design

A joint McGill-Concordia effort has won a $50,000 federal grant to bring its innovative row-house design to the International Solar Decathlon in China next year. TeamMTL’s design takes aim at the growing affordable-urban-housing crisis, successfully marrying energy efficiency and sustainability with comfort and affordability.

Published on : 11 Apr 2017

Marijuana sector likely to constrict as it matures

Desautels Professor Ken Lester was interviewed on BNN about the commodification of marijuana post-legalization. He discussed product choice, the question of how branding might be constrained by the impending legislation, and the tricky taxation line that the governments will have to trace in order to not send consumers back to the black market.

Published on : 07 Apr 2017

Future food now: how insects will solve world hunger

In an interview on Fox Business Network, Aspire CEO Mohammed Ashour (MBA'14) makes the case for eating bugs as a way to meet the world’s growing protein requirements. His company, the Aspire Group, runs a cricket farm in Texas and a palm weevil larvae operation in Ghana, both aimed at creating a sustainable insect-based food industry. Mr. Ashour says that both insects are “extremely nutritious, and have a high amount of protein, iron and other micro-nutrients; and utilize an extraordinarily low amount of resources to produce.”

Published on : 07 Apr 2017

A refreshing take on healthcare

Dr. Anoop Kumar (IMHL’15) has published a new book, Michelanglo’s Medicine: how redefining the human body will transform health and healthcare. The book offers a refreshing look at the human body not just as a bunch of organs, but rather as “a masterpiece, waiting to be discovered.” Dr. Kumar proposes a new approach based on his experiences as an ER doctor, as well as the eastern philosophies he grew up with.

Published on : 06 Apr 2017

Desautels alumnus named Exec VP at PNG Gold

West Vancouver-based PNG Gold has announced the appointment of Wesley Marstaller (BCom'05) as Executive Vice President of the corporation. Before coming on board at PNG Gold, Mr. Marstaller served in several capacities at the Macquarie Group, then as COO of the Rennie Group. PNG Gold CEO Greg Clarkes praises Mr. Marstaller, saying that his expertise will help with “building the management group necessary to achieve the Company’s near and long term goals.” PNG Gold is a mining company specialized in gold exploration in Papua New Guinea. 

Published on : 05 Apr 2017

Public outrage over executive pay raises forces Bombardier into damage control

Bombardier’s recent executive pay raises have caused heavy public criticism in the face of recent cash injections from the federal and Quebec governments. In an interview on BNN, Desautels Professor Karl Moore states that some of the outrage is misguided, since so many of the execs joined Bombardier partway through the year, which skews the numbers.

Published on : 04 Apr 2017

James Rickards and the end of the economy

A recent Forbes book review delves into James Rickards’ The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan For The Next Financial Crisis, which makes the case that there is a big-ticket financial collapse coming, one that dwarfs the 2008 recession. Rickards lays much of the blame on macroeconomics, drawing a parallel between it and astrology.

Published on : 04 Apr 2017

Mintzberg on why the US can’t be run like a business

In a recent piece for the Harvard Business Review, Desautels Professor Henry Mintzberg takes aim at US President Trump’s attempts to run the United States like a business, then demolishes them. Professor Mintzberg questions the wisdom of trying to marry such disparate systems — after all, business has a very simple, measureable yardstick in the form of profit, which makes it a poor model for governing.

Published on : 04 Apr 2017

Dobson Cup winners announced

The McGill Dobson Cup 2017 powered by National Bank is over, and the winners have been announced. From the initial 136 applications, 121 teams pitched their startups in the run-up to the semi-finals. Then, 40 of those teams moved on to the finals on March 22. All in all, $106,000 of seed funding was divided among the top entries across four categories: Social Enterprise, Health Sciences, Small & Medium Enterprise and Innovation Driven Enterprise.

Published on : 03 Apr 2017

Desautels alumnus bets on bugs to solve world hunger

As the world’s population increases, the pressure to find an ecologically-feasible protein source is mounting, so Mohammed Ashour (MBA'14) of the Aspire Food Group is bringing a foreign concept to the US: eating insects. Long a staple protein source in many countries, bugs offer a bigger protein hit, and require fewer resources than traditional livestock does.

Published on : 03 Apr 2017

Les prédictions économiques prospèrent sur des modèles qui ne fonctionnent pas

The permanent forecasting market and its fallout  A piece in Contrepoints takes the whole practise of regular GDP forecasting to task for being based on flawed economic models, referencing Desautels Professor Reuven Brenner’s article in the inaugural issue of American Affairs, in which he calls for the abandonment of macroeconomics in favour of a more accountability-based model. Greater accountability would result in maximized potential and fewer squandered resources.

Published on : 03 Apr 2017

Karl Moore talks Canada-US relations on PBS

Desautels Associate Professor Karl Moore was interviewed on a recent episode of Mountain Lake Journal to talk about pipelines, the Bombardier bailout, The Hot Cities Tour and the changing landscape of relations between Canada and the United States.

Published on : 03 Apr 2017