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Recently appointed special advisor on Indigenous initiatives in the Office of the Provost and EMBA participant, Kakwiranó:ron Cook comments on the changes being implemented following the official launch of the Provost’s Task Force on Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Education.

Additionally, initiatives to develop financial support, build diversity among the Indigenous community in North America, and keep students happy leading up to graduation are next steps.

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Published on: 2 Feb 2018

Citing the book, The Beauty of Discomfort, Desautels Professor Karl Moore discusses the inevitability of discomfort on the path to success, as well as how to cope with it. Mindfulness and mental resilience, for example, are key aspects.  

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Published on: 31 Jan 2018

In a world destabilised by rapid technological advancement, Dean Bajeux shares how business education can help us thrive amid such unprecedented change.

“In a society disrupted by rapid technological advancement, a new skillset is sought – one that includes an interdisciplinary mindset, a global outlook, as well as analytical and critical thinking skills. This will be our golden compass for navigating the next phase of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and, ultimately, for establishing a stabilized world order.” 

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Published on: 31 Jan 2018

In an interview with Professor Karl Moore, award-winning business journalist Duff McDonald shares his take on the shortcomings of Harvard Business School, as well as other comparable institutions, in shaping enlightened businesspeople who act in the best interest of society.

In his recent book, The Golden Passport, McDonald makes the case that business education should instill the importance of making the world a better place first and foremost.

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Published on: 30 Jan 2018

Professor Karl Moore shares his perspective with The New York Times about the United States International Trade Commission’s decision to reject the proposed 300% tariffs on Bombardier’s CSeries aircraft.

After fearing the worst from the impending ruling, Quebec and Canada greeted this decision with great relief.

As Professor Moore shares, “Boeing, Airbus, and Bombardier all get a lot of financial support…it is the nature of the game.”

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Published on: 29 Jan 2018

Getting an MBA degree is not easy. An article for Les Affaires explores the challenge of maintaining a work-life balance and how this becomes complicated further when pursuing an MBA degree.

Citing EMBA participants Caidi Osmane and Jason Taylor, discipline and motivation are key factors.

When asked about the time commitment, Osmane says, “I’m investing even more time [than 20 hours per week] because I want to get the most out of the program.”

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Published on: 29 Jan 2018

The Desautels MBA program is ranked #1 in Canada and 78th in the world by the 2018 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking—one of only three Canadian schools who made the list.

Every year, the FT ranks the world’s best 100 MBA programs using multiple criteria. 

The MBA Class of 2014 was surveyed for this ranking.

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Published on: 28 Jan 2018

Congratulations to Desautels MBA students Sandra Chang Urbina, Yen Nguyen, Shubhangi Shahi, and Fang Yang who secured second place at the final round of the Business for a Better World Case Competition.

The team was recognized for their proposed Higher Education Right (HER) Bonds, which would provide low cost loans to make it possible for low- and middle- income young women in India to access higher education.

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Published on: 26 Jan 2018

How can food help narrow the social divide in our cities?

Learn more about how Desautels students are behind some of the most meaningful social enterprises.

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Published on: 25 Jan 2018

Anil Gondi, BCom’98

Portfolio Manager, Balyasny Asset Management

Monday, January 22, 2018

Anil Gondi guest lectured with both our Honours in Investment Management and Masters of Management in Finance students. Mr. Gondi gave the students an overview of their investment approach, talked about some of the promising research trends at Balyasny and gave a few stock pitches to the students.

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Published on: 25 Jan 2018

Adam Shapiro, BCom’06, Senior Director, Global Equity Research at PSP Investments

John Elliot, Senior Director & Investment Analyst, Technology, Media & Telecommunications at PSP Investments

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 

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Published on: 25 Jan 2018

Chandra Kumar, MBA’91

President of Nestle, Confectionary

Monday January 22, 2018

Mr. Kumar gave a guest lecture in Operations Management with our BCom students. He discussed the importance of operations and how it is the backbone of any successful organization. He provided several examples of the operational difficulties that Nestle faces and their strategic initiatives to overcome those challenges.



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Published on: 25 Jan 2018

Darshan Jain, MBA’88

Head of Technology & Operations, The Burnie Group

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Mr. Jain gave a guest lecture in Operations Management with our BCom students. He encouraged students to consider a career in operations management and become “change champions” in their organizations. He also provided a case example of the value chain and how they can look for areas of improving operational efficiency in any organization.

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Published on: 25 Jan 2018

McGill is participating in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. McGill is, once again, the sole Canadian member of the Global University Leaders Forum.

Principal and Vice-Chancellor Suzanne Fortier will be joining a prominent public panel that will tackle questions on youth mental health. Furthermore, Desautels MBA students will be competing in a case competition in Davos and will be presenting their findings to high-profile judges.

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Published on: 24 Jan 2018

Following the inaugural McGill International Portfolio Challenge (MIPC), Professor Betermier reflects on how the event provided an important opportunity of self-reflexivity for Canadian pension organizations, while also contributing fresh perspectives on how to address a growing crisis.

His hope is that events like the MIPC might also inspire Finance students to delve deeper into pension management during their studies and to eventually follow this career path.

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Published on: 24 Jan 2018