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Desautels professor Karl Moore and actor-cum-management consultant Kat Garcia (BCom'16) recently appeared on ABC Radio in Australia to talk about skills that CEOs can borrow from actors to improve their own performance.

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Published on: 25 Jul 2017 has published a list of eight young London-based investment analysts to watch, all of whom started at their respective companies in June. The high-octane London banking scene is highly competitive, but these newly-minted pros have what it takes to make a real impact.

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Published on: 24 Jul 2017

The Sustainability Literacy Test (aka “Sulitest”) is both a non-profit and a method for verifying sustainability know-how across the globe. It is the work of an international cadre of academics and business professionals alike, mandated by the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012.

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Published on: 20 Jul 2017

Chief Investment Officer’s Class of 2017 Forty Under Forty list is out. It’s a roundup and Q&A with forty up-and-coming investment leaders from across the globe, selected by anonymous nomination.

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Published on: 19 Jul 2017

Deepak Chopra and Desautels alumnus Anoop Kumar, MD (IMHL’16) write for The Huffington Post about a perceived split in reality, and how to address it. Specifically, they talk about the dichotomy between objective and subjective reality; how outside forces cause subjective experience.

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Published on: 19 Jul 2017

The dissertation of Desautels PhD alumna Natalia Aguilar Delgado was selected as finalist for the Emerald Best International Dissertation Award of the Academy of Management 2017.  

Professor Paola Perez-Aleman was the supervisor of her research.

Natalia graduated in June 2017 and is currently an Assistant Professor of International Business at HEC Montreal. 

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Published on: 18 Jul 2017

The dissertation of Desautels PhD alumnus Jose Carlos Marques (PhD'17) was selected as one of the three finalists for the Academy of Management Social Issues in Management Best Dissertation Award 2017.

Professor Paola Perez-Aleman and Professor Henry Mintzberg were the co-supervisors of his research.

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Published on: 18 Jul 2017

According to StockWatch, Vancouver-based resource company Colonial Coal International Corp. has appointed Matthew James Anderson (BCom'05) to the roles of CFO and secretary, replacing the retiring William Filtness. Mr Anderson draws on a lifetime of experience in financials for the resources sector, including serving as CFO for I-Minerals, VirtualArmour International, Search Minerals and Callinex Mines. Colonial Coal develops coal mines in British Columbia, and dovetails nicely with Mr Anderson’s expertise.

Published on: 18 Jul 2017

Author Ronnie Mitra writes in The New Stack about how businesses are focussing on adaptability like never before, and how that is weighing heavy on tech teams. It looks more and more like the answer lies in microservices.

The idea is to take the traditional software concept, then decentralize the components so that change becomes easier to implement. But the knock-on effect is that it alters how teams work and decisions are made; decentralization on the team level gives the developers the power to make decisions that would traditionally be the bailiwick of managers.

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Published on: 18 Jul 2017

Best Media Info reports that long-time Ogilvy & Mather exec Sumanto Chattopadhyay (MBA'90) is moving over to Soho Square as CCO and Chairman. At Ogilvy, Mr Chattopadhyay helped bring many brands to prominence in India, including Dove, Pond’s, and The Economist. He also helped re-brand a bank and grow Ogilvy’s own business. Mr Chattopadhyay was named one of Asia’s top 10 advertising creatives by Media Magazine, and brings an enviable reputation, as well as his industry chops, to his new job.

Published on: 18 Jul 2017

Desautels professor Karl Moore writes in Forbes that, in-between extroverts and introverts, the ambivert pulls benefits from both social situations and alone time, giving them the best of both worlds.

Being able to talk and listen naturally makes ambiverts great at jobs where the give-and-take of a normal conversation plays into success.

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Published on: 18 Jul 2017

Kaihua He, student of the Graduate Certificate in the Professional Accounting (GCPA) program, has been selected among the graduating class as this year’s recipient of the C. Douglas Mellor Prize for academic excellence.

The prize, which is valued at $2,300, is named after Douglas Mellor, the first Executive Director of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Quebec, now  the Ordre des comptables agrées du Québec, and is awarded each year to honor Mellor’s enduring contributions to both McGill University and his profession.

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Published on: 18 Jul 2017

Montreal, Quebec, July 18, 2017 - The John Dobson Foundation has announced a donation of $2 million – its largest gift to McGill yet – to fund the McGill X-1 Accelerator program run by the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship. The gift will support the X-1 program, now in its third year, as it grows to support and promote entrepreneurship across McGill.

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Published on: 18 Jul 2017

Product Development was the overall theme for week five of the McGill X-1 Accelerator. On the agenda was a talk by GrandeSlam Product VP Saad Benryane on adopting a customer-centric approach, followed by a networking talk by Desautels Director of Advancement Alexander King.

Of course, there was another Grilled by CEO session, this time by RetinadVR CEO Alexander Haque. Mr. Haque emphasised the importance of simplifying their presentations to suit people’s attention spans. Otherwise, there is a real risk of losing focus.

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Published on: 18 Jul 2017

According to, Quantum International Income Corp. has announced that Red Cloud Klondike Strike CEO and Desautels alumnus Chad Williams (BEngr’ 89, MBA’93) has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Mr. Williams has plenty of experience to draw on: he’s on the Board at Denver Gold Group, and has worked in senior management at Victoria Gold, Blackmont Capital and TD bank. He also founded Westwind Capital and Agilith Capital, as well as his current company, which specializes in mining-sector growth financing and investment.

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Published on: 18 Jul 2017