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Medicine Research events

2014 Wilder Penfield Lecture - “Exploring Multidimensional Cinical Space”

28 Nov 201416:00

Dr. Stephen Friend will deliver the 2014 Wilder Penfield Lecture entitled “Exploring multidimensional clinical space” at 4:00 pm on November 28, 2014 at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (The Neuro), McGill University. A reception will follow. Dr. Friend is the President, of Sage Bionetworks in Seattle, USA.  The Penfield Lecture was inaugurated in 1985 to honour Wilder Penfield, pioneering neurosurgeon and founder of the MNI.  For more information and to register: www.neuroevents.mcgill.ca

Classified as : Staff, Faculty, External, Students

PATH presents Dr. Robert Ross: "Exercise, Obesity and Cardiometabolic Risk: Does Exercise Intensity Matter?"

03 Dec 201415:00

This special seminar is a presentation of The McGill Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health (PATH). PATH serves as a 
focal point for researchers with an interest in promoting health through physical activity.

Classified as : Staff, Faculty, External, Students
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