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The results of their study, published in the journal Movement Disorders, could also have a major impact on the quality of research on Parkinson’s disease.

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Published on: 13 Nov 2015

Similar to relative disparities in the United States, although rates lower among both racial groups in Canada

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Published on: 9 Nov 2015

There are believed to be around 1.5 million different species of fungus on Earth, but one mold, known as Aspergillus fumigatus, causes the majority of cases of invasive aspergillosis – a devastating illness that kills 90 per cent of patients with weakened immune systems or lung diseases.

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Published on: 5 Nov 2015

A new study led by researchers in Canada sheds light on the effects of off-label use of prescription drugs with the first-ever investigation in adult populations.

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Published on: 2 Nov 2015

Discovery explains how Leishmania parasite boosts its infection

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Published on: 23 Oct 2015

McGill University announced today a new name and vision that will position the Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning at the forefront of simulated training in the health sciences. Thanks to a $7.5 million gift from Arnold and Blema Steinberg, the Centre will be expanding its facilities, enhancing its technologies and broadening its scope of activities.

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Published on: 21 Oct 2015

Transition to parenthood can be a difficult life event. It can have an impact on both parents and on the long-term development of the child. While mother’s "baby blues" have been widely investigated, little research has been conducted on antenatal paternal depression.

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Published on: 5 Oct 2015

It is all about finding the right person. More than 20,000 organ transplants have been performed in Canada over the last 10 years and routinely extend lives. But sometimes the recipient’s immune system recognizes the new organ as foreign and rejects it, which can lead to serious complications.

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Published on: 1 Oct 2015

Researchers have discovered how to predict some cardiac arrhythmias several steps before they even occur. It’s a finding that could lead to an improved cardiac device, with equipment designed to detect when arrhythmias are about to occur and then act to prevent them.

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Published on: 28 Sep 2015

Three McGill Faculty of Medicine members were recently inducted into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) as Fellows, one of the highest honours for individuals in the Canadian health sciences community.

The newly elected Fellows are Dr. Alan N. Barkun, Professor of Medicine and DG Kinnear Chair in Gastroenterology, Dr. David H. Eidelman, Vice-Principal (Health Affairs) and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, and Dr. Laurie N. Gottlieb, Professor at the Ingram School of Nursing and the Flora Madeline Shaw Chair in Nursing.

Published on: 23 Sep 2015

Scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital -The Neuro, at McGill University and the McGill University Health Centre, have made a breakthrough in understanding an important protein that appears to act as a kind of cellular “marriage broker.” The protein called Netrin1 brings cells together and maintains their healthy relationships. Netrin1 plays an essential role in the growth of the human organism, directing cell migration and the formation of cell circuits both at the embryo stage and after birth.

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Published on: 12 Aug 2015