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Mac Food Science students on a winning streak

For the second consecutive year, Macdonald Food Science teams have won big, Two teams — Rephyll and Fitamin Multimeal — took first place in their categories at the annual New Product Development Competitions, held as part of the 2016 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Conference.

Published on : 25 Jul 2016

Animal Science Professor honoured by American Dairy Science Association

  Congratulations to James McGill Professor Xin Zhao who received the 2016 West Agro Inc. Award from the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA). The award is given to one individual each year "to recognize outstanding research of milk quality as affected by control of mastitis, management of milking, and practices in production of milk." The award was presented at a ceremony during the annual meeting of the ADSA in Salt Lake City,  Utah.    

Published on : 25 Jul 2016

Professor Chris Buddle appointed as the new Dean of Students of McGill

  Please join the Mac Community in congratulating Professor Chris Buddle on his new appointment as Dean of Students, McGill University. Since 2014, Professor Buddle has served the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences as Associate Dean of Student Affairs. In this role, he oversaw recruitment activities for the Faculty, promoted academic integrity, was a champion of student rights, and worked extensively on supporting the overall wellbeing of the Macdonald Campus community.

Published on : 14 Jul 2016


  Shorebirds breeding in Alaska are being exposed to mercury at levels that could put their populations at risk, according to new research from The Condor: Ornithological Applications.

Published on : 13 Jul 2016


  Ayant grandi sur une ferme, Stéphanie Bélanger-Naud a tailladé ses premières pièces de bois après son arrivée au campus Macdonald de l'Université McGill, à Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. «C'est un sport qui m'était inconnu avant d'arriver à McGill, raconte-t-elle. Ça m'a beaucoup intriguée et j'ai rapidement eu la piqûre.» Read more in L’Avenir et des rivières

Published on : 12 Jul 2016


  A friend realized his life’s dream through one of the generous programs offered by the [Macdonald] campus of McGill University in Saint Anne-de-Bellevue… Macdonald campus, therefore, is a God-send.  

Published on : 12 Jul 2016


  (Interview with Dr. Donald L. Smith Professor, McGill University; Director and CEO, BioFuelNet Canada) "It is exciting to see a growing concern around the need to reduce GHGemissions.At McGill, there has been, and continues to be, some very good work around green chemistry, which is part of a greater sustainability approach. McGill has developed the use of micro beto-plant signal compounds as a wayto improve plant productivity, making more biomass available for both food and fuel."

Published on : 12 Jul 2016


  Harry Pelissero is the general manager of Egg Farmers of Ontario, which has been working with Michael Ngadi, a professor of bioresource engineering at McGill University, to develop a machine that selects female eggs before they're hatched. Read more on CBC  

Published on : 23 Jun 2016

Eurofins Food Safety Systems Partners with McGill University for Public Food Safety Training for Canadian Food Manufacturers

  Eurofins Food Safety Systems (EFSS) and the Food Safety and Quality Program (FSQP) at McGill University are excited to announce a signed agreement to provide co-branded public training for the Canadian food manufacturing industry. The courses include the highly sought-after FSMA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual Training as well as GFSI benchmarked standard training to SQF and BRC. The partnership is an exceptional pairing as Eurofins and McGill University share a common interest in the success of the Canadian food manufacturing industry.

Published on : 10 Jun 2016

La chaire de recherche sur le bien-être des vaches laitières est déjà en activité

  La chaire de recherche sur le bien-être des vaches laitières est déjà en activité. La titulaire de la nouvelle chaire de recherche sur la Vie durable des bovins laitiers de l’Université McGill, Elsa Vasseur, n’a pas chômé. La nouvelle chaire a été officiellement inaugurée le 26 mai dernier, mais Elsa Vasseur est déjà au travail depuis janvier dernier. Déjà huit étudiants gradués sont engagés pour mener à bien les futurs projets de recherche.    

Published on : 08 Jun 2016


  With peak biting season for mosquitoes just around the corner, many of us might be tempted to wonder why don't we just get rid of the darn things altogether.Mosquitoes, after all, are attracted to many of the same things that attract humans during the summer months. "If you're outside having a barbecue with a bunch of friends, that's just a welcome sign for mosquitoes," said Chris Cloutier, a naturalist at the Morgan Aboretum.

Published on : 07 Jun 2016

Erik Kudelka's heroic struggle not just to graduate from McGill, but to survive

  It has taken Erik Kudelka 11 years to graduate from McGill University, so the Macdonald Campus convocation Friday will be momentous day for him.   Read Erik's story in The Montreal Gazette.    

Published on : 03 Jun 2016

McGill Alumni Association launches McGillConnect

  Are you interested in connecting with other McGill alumni, sharing experiences and opportunities, or accessing the McGill network to reach career goals? If so, come check out #McGillConnect, an exclusive career network created for the McGill community.     WITH THIS NEW PLATFORM YOU CAN:

Published on : 25 May 2016

Macdonald start-ups win big at McGill’s Dobson Cup entrepreneurship competition

  | EDUARDO GANEM CUENCA and KATHY MACLEAN Students from McGill’s Macdonald Campus seem to have figured out the winning combination of talent, skills, risk –and above all, the unwavering determination it takes to convert an idea into a viable business venture.

Published on : 16 May 2016