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Information Session: Online French and English Courses

06 Jan 201512:30

Register here for the information session PLEASE NOTE: THIS SESSION WILL TAKE PLACE ONLINE.

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Intensive English Language Program Information Session

07 Jan 201518:00

Intensive English Language Program - Information SessionWednesday, January 7, 2015Location: 688 Sherbrooke Street West, room 1041Register here for the information session

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TEFaQ (Test d'évaluation du français adapté au Québec) - Preparation Course - Oral Test

20 Jan 201518:00

TEFaQ Test Preparation is a six-week course that prepares participants for the TEFaQ test. Offered through McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies, the TEFaQ Test preparation course focuses on developing two oral competencies: oral expression and listening comprehension. TEFaQ participants will work on enhancing and enriching their general oral communicative skills, and will acquire, among other things, essential strategies for test-taking including time management and expected outcomes.

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International Colloquium: Translation Studies and Geopolitics

20 Apr 201500:00
21 Apr 201500:00

Translation and geopolitics have been inextricably linked since the era of the dragoman, but upheavals at the beginning of this century (the war against terrorism, the war in Iraq, the Arab Spring, the wars in Libya, Syria and the Ukraine, as well as other conflicts with international stakes, including the rise of extremism in Europe) have considerably affected and changed the work conditions of language professionals in general, and that of translators in particular. Languages have always been used to speak about ones enemies, but also with one’s enemies.

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