Important dates for students


(Tentative Date) Summer Term registration period for Continuing Studies newly-admitted students and Continuing Studies Special students (excluding joint Continuing Studies - Faculty of Education students).

NOTE: The summer registration deadlines vary by course, please see the Summer Calendar for further information at

Classified as: CS (Continuing Studies), Registration, winter, summer, CS (Continuing Education)

(Tentative Date) Advising of new undergraduate students in Music at 12:00 p.m. Please consult the music website below for specific details:

Classified as: MU (Music), Academic Advising, Fall

Deadline to apply for readmission to Agricultural & Environmental Sciences for the Fall 2018 term.

Classified as: AG (Agr&EnvSci), Application and Readmission, summer, Fall

Deadline to apply for readmission to the Desautels Faculty of Management for the Fall 2018 term.

Classified as: MG (Management), Application and Readmission, summer, Fall

Online application opens for Fall 2019 for undergraduate Law, Medical and Dental programs as well as the Dental Residency program.

Classified as: LW (Law), Application and Readmission, DE (Dentistry), MD (Medicine), Fall

Deadline to apply for admission to Continuing Studies programs for the Winter 2019 term for Canadian Citizens or permanent residents.

Classified as: CS (Continuing Studies), Application and Readmission, winter, CS (Continuing Education), Fall

Deadline for inter/intra faculty transfer applications to Agricultural and Environmental Sciences for the Fall 2018 term.

Classified as: AG (Agr&EnvSci), Faculty Transfers, summer, Fall

(Tentative Date) Congratulations on becoming a McGill student! University is a new and exciting chapter in your life, and to help you start it on the right foot, take advantage of McGill's Orientation Week, which is packed with events that will make you feel right at home.

McGill offers a host of events and resources to help you settle in, including:

Classified as: AG (Agr&EnvSci), AR (Arts), ED (Education), EN (Engineering), LW (Law), MG (Management), MU (Music), NU (Nursing), PO (Physical & Occupational Therapy), RS (Religious Studies), SC (Science), SW (Social Work), D&HN (Dietetics & Human Nutrition), AS (Interfaculty BA&Sc), ARCH (Architecture), DE (Dentistry), Orientation, Fall, Orientation Week

(Tentative Date) Fall term lectures begin for 2nd year students in the Faculty of Dentistry and the Faculty of Medicine.

Classified as: DE (Dentistry), MD (Medicine), Fall, Classes – First/Last Day of Lectures

(Tentative Date) Online academic advising for students newly-admitted to the U0 Freshman Program (four-year, 120 credits) and departmental academic advising for all other newly-admitted Arts, B.A.&Sc.and Science students. Refer to the "Welcome to McGill" website for details. Students should also refer to departmental websites for advising dates.

Arts students can refer to the Arts OASIS website below for additional advising information.


Classified as: AR (Arts), SC (Science), AS (Interfaculty BA&Sc), Academic Advising, summer, Fall

(Tentative Date) PPD Clinic and verification of immunization status for U1 B.Sc.(N) Students to continue in NUR1 220 - TBA.

Classified as: NU (Nursing), Faculty-Specific Notes, Fall

(Tentative Date) Orientation for 2nd and 3rd year Physical and Occupational Therapy students.

Classified as: PO (Physical & Occupational Therapy), Orientation, Fall