Important dates for students


Application deadline for deferred examinations for Law for Winter term and multi-term courses ending in Winter 2018 term. Submit deferred applications to Faculty of Law - Student Affairs Office. Law does not use Minerva application. Students must inform the SAO, prior to or within twenty-four hours of the examination, of the reasons for requesting permission to write a deferred examination.

Classified as: LW (Law), winter, Exams – Supplemental & Deferred

(Tentative Date) Law Summer term essays and Writing & Drafting Project application forms are due at the Student Affairs Office on 15 May 2018 by 15:00.

Classified as: LW (Law), Faculty-Specific Notes, summer

Fall/Winter lecture period for 3rd year students in the Faculty of Dentistry.

Classified as: DE (Dentistry), winter, Fall, Classes – First/Last Day of Lectures

Supplemental examination application opens on Minerva for courses ending in the Winter 2018 term (including multi-term courses ending in Winter term) for Arts (including Social Work & Religious Studies), Education, Law, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Science (including B.A.&Sc.). Closes June 15, 2018.

NOTE: Not available for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Engineering or Management courses.

Classified as: AR (Arts), ED (Education), LW (Law), NU (Nursing), PO (Physical & Occupational Therapy), RS (Religious Studies), SC (Science), SW (Social Work), AS (Interfaculty BA&Sc), winter, Exams – Supplemental & Deferred

M. A. Teaching and Learning students must be registered for their Internship 1 (EDIN) course no later than May 31. Refer to the Internships & Student Affairs office (ISA) website for details:

Classified as: ED (Education), GR (Graduate Studies), Registration, summer, Clinical Training/Stage/Field Work

Application for Inter & Intra Faculty Transfer period for Fall 2018 on Minerva for the Faculty of Education.

Classified as: ED (Education), Faculty Transfers, winter, Fall

Application period for intra-faculty transfers to non-performance programs for Fall 2018.

Classified as: MU (Music), Faculty Transfers, summer, Fall

(Tentative Date) Summer 2018 Clinical Placement for U2 B.Sc. (Nursing) students will start on May 1 and end on June 1, 2018.

Classified as: NU (Nursing), summer, Clinical Training/Stage/Field Work

(Tentative Date) Final exams for May section Summer courses will be held on May 31 and June 1 for 3-credit courses. For more information, please visit the examinations website (

Note: In Summer 2018, deferred exams will be held on August 14 (Agriculture only), 15 and 16.

Classified as: AG (Agr&EnvSci), AR (Arts), ED (Education), EN (Engineering), MG (Management), MU (Music), NU (Nursing), RS (Religious Studies), SC (Science), SW (Social Work), AS (Interfaculty BA&Sc), Exams - Final, summer, Exams – Supplemental & Deferred

Deadline for inter/intra faculty transfer applications to Arts (including School of Religious Studies and excluding School of Social Work) and Management for the Fall 2018 term.

NOTE: This deadline also applies to Continuing Studies students wishing to transfer into Management.

Classified as: AR (Arts), CS (Continuing Studies), MG (Management), RS (Religious Studies), Faculty Transfers, summer, CS (Continuing Education), Fall

Application deadline for Non-Management students applying to the Minor in Finance [authorized for students in the Faculties of Arts (including Religious Studies), Engineering, and Science], Minor in Management [authorized for students in the Faculties of Arts (including Religious Studies), Engineering, Science, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Music], Minor in Marketing [authorized for students in the Faculties of Arts (including Religious Studies), Engineering, Science and Music], and Minor in Operations Management [authorized for students in the Faculties of Arts (including Rel

Classified as: AG (Agr&EnvSci), AR (Arts), EN (Engineering), MU (Music), RS (Religious Studies), SC (Science), Application and Readmission, winter

Deadline to apply for readmission to the Schulich School of Music (for students not required to re-audition) for the Fall 2018 term.

Classified as: MU (Music), Application and Readmission, summer, Fall