Important dates for students


Departmental academic advising begins for returning students in Arts (including School of Social Work), B.A.&Sc. and Science.

Classified as: Academic Advising, AR (Arts), AS (Interfaculty BA&Sc), SC (Science), SW (Social Work), winter

Academic advising begins for all returning undergraduate and Farm Management and Technology students in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Classified as: Academic Advising, AG (Agr&EnvSci), Fall, FMT (Farm Mgt Technology), winter

Distribution of Fall 2018/Winter 2019 registration information for returning Management students.

Classified as: Fall, MG (Management), Registration, winter

Target date for sending of preliminary selections (invitations to interviews) for the Faculty of Medicine's Fall 2018 Med-P (PRE-MED-ADM) program.

Classified as: Application and Readmission, Fall, MD (Medicine), SC (Science), winter

Deferred examination application begins for Law for Winter term and multi-term courses ending in Winter 2018 term. Submit deferred applications to Faculty of Law - Student Affairs Office. Law does not use Minerva application. Students must inform the SAO, prior to or within twenty-four hours of the examination, of the reasons for requesting permission to write a deferred examination.

Classified as: Exams – Supplemental & Deferred, LW (Law), winter

Inter-faculty transfer deadline for Fall 2018 to the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy.

Classified as: Faculty Transfers, Fall, PO (Physical & Occupational Therapy), winter

Last day for Medicine year 4 clinical rotations or courses.

Classified as: Clinical Training/Stage/Field Work, MD (Medicine), winter

Deferred examination application opens on Minerva for Winter term and multi-term courses ending in the Winter 2018 term in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Arts (including Social Work & Religious Studies), Continuing Studies, Education, Engineering, Management, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Science (including B.A.&Sc.). Closes May 14, 2018.

Classified as: AG (Agr&EnvSci), AR (Arts), AS (Interfaculty BA&Sc), CS (Continuing Studies), ED (Education), EN (Engineering), Exams – Supplemental & Deferred, MG (Management), PO (Physical & Occupational Therapy), RS (Religious Studies), SC (Science), SW (Social Work), winter

STUDY BREAK. Classes cancelled for 1st year Medicine and Dentistry students only.

Classified as: Breaks and Holidays, DE (Dentistry), MD (Medicine), winter

Deadline to apply to graduate on Minerva for all undergraduate students and graduate students in all non-thesis programs (certificates, diplomas, Master's non-thesis) who expect to complete their program requirements at the end of the Summer 2018 term (Fall 2018 Convocation).

Classified as: AG (Agr&EnvSci), AR (Arts), ARCH (Architecture), AS (Interfaculty BA&Sc), Convocation, CS (Continuing Studies), HN (Human Nutrition), DE (Dentistry), ED (Education), EN (Engineering), FMT (Farm Mgt Technology), GR (Graduate Studies), Graduation, LW (Law), MD (Medicine), MG (Management), MU (Music), NU (Nursing), PO (Physical & Occupational Therapy), Registration, Registration Note(s), RS (Religious Studies), SC (Science), summer, SW (Social Work), winter