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Paper-based biosensor to detect HIV-hepatitis C co-infections

The research group of Prof Xinyu Liu is developing a portable, paper-based biosensor for point-of-care diagnosis of HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) co-infections. The research, led by graduate student Chen Zhao, has been published in the journal Biomicrofluidics.  The article has been selected as an Editor’s Pick of the journal and has been featured by Science Daily, American Institute of Physics (AIP), the Electrochemical Society and other science news websites.

Published on : 20 May 2016

On the cover: Biomaterial breakthrough

Research led by Dr Hossein Heris of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Dr Jamal Daoud of the Department of Biomedical Engineering is featured on the cover of the journal Advanced Healthcare Materials. Their article describes the successful adhesion of human fibroblast cells to a scaffold biomaterial composed of hyaluronic acid and gelatin composite microgels.

Published on : 27 Jan 2016

Quirks & Quarks features Bergthorson research

Don't miss the January 15, 2016, edition of CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks to learn how Prof Jeff Bergthorson and colleagues are finding ways for energy to be stored and transported via iron and other metals, a novel and potentially important method for delivering fossil-fuel-free power.

Published on : 19 Jan 2016

Mecheng alum featured in "McGill dans la ville"

Department of Mechanical Engineering alumnus Kieran Humphries is featured, along with electrical engineer Diego Mascarella, in the May 2015 edition of McGill's French-language publication McGill dans la ville. "Diego and Kieran are both young and bright McGill-trained research engineers," said Prof Benoit Boulet, who supervises their work on the e-drivetrain APC project, which engages industry partners such as Linamar, TM4, Infolytica and Purolator.

Published on : 03 Jun 2015

Canadian Tri-Agencies (SSHRC, NSERC, and CIHR) introduce open access policy on publications arising from all awards granted after May 1, 2015

On February 27, 2015, Canada's three major research funding agencies – the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) – announced a new harmonized "Open Access Policy on Publications" that requires research publications supported by public funds to be made openly available for the benefit of the community at large.

Published on : 12 Mar 2015

A place in the top 10

Research led by Prof François Barthelat in the Department of Mechanical Engineering earned a spot on Quebec's list of top 10 scientific discoveries in 2014. Inspired by natural structures like seashells, Barthelat and his team developed a technique to strengthen glass. They were able to make glass 200 times more resistant to breakage by engraving micro-cracks in wavy configurations on its surface. The pattern of micro-cracks guided larger cracks and absorbed impact energy.

Published on : 08 Jan 2015

PATH’s First Annual Symposium

The McGill Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health (PATH) presented their first annual symposium on Friday, October 3rd at the McGill Faculty Club. Entitled Making Connections, the Centre’s inaugural seminar event gathered prominent researchers from McGill and elsewhere who have an interest in studying the relationship between physical activity and health across a broad spectrum of healthy and diseased states.

Classified as : Staff, Faculty, External, Students
Published on : 17 Oct 2014

W. Richard Scott Award for Distinguished Scholarship

Professor Ruthanne Huising was awarded a W. Richard Scott Award for Distinguished Scholarship from the American Sociological Association’s annual conference for the following paper: Ruthanne Huising and Susan S. Silbey “Governing the Gap: Forging Safe Science through Relational Regulation,” Regulation & Governance, March 2011, Vol 5. pp. 14-42.

Classified as : Staff, Faculty, External, Students
Published on : 24 Aug 2012

JSIS 20th anniversary award for the most highly cited paper

Professor Samer Faraj was awarded the Most Cited Paper Award in celebration of the Journal of Strategic Information Systems' 20th anniversary for the following paper: McLure Wasko, M., Faraj S. (2000). "It is what one does": Why people participate and help others in electronic communities of practice, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 9(2-3), 155-174.

Classified as : Staff, Faculty, External, Students
Published on : 23 Aug 2012

A single-resource revenue management problem with random resource consumptions

We study a single-resource multi-class revenue management problem where the resource consumption for each class is random and only revealed at departure. The model is motivated by cargo revenue management problems in the airline and other shipping industries.

Classified as : Staff, Faculty, External, Students
Published on : 22 Aug 2012

Information technology implementers' responses to user resistance: Nature and effects

User resistance has long been acknowledged as a critical issue during information technology implementation. Resistance can be functional when it signals the existence of problems with the IT or with its effects; it will be dysfunctional when it leads to organizational disruption.

Classified as : Staff, Faculty, External, Students
Published on : 22 Aug 2012

Policy initiatives for Health Information Technology: A qualitative study of U.S. expectations and Canada's experience

Objective: To investigate lessons learned from national policy initiatives in Canada and U.S. with respect to health information technical infrastructure, data standards, and interoperability; and to identify the implications of these lessons for other policy makers, as they guide the future of their own healthcare information technology initiatives.

Published on : 22 Aug 2012

A knowledge-based architecture for integrating and interpreting population health data

In this paper, we describe our ongoing effort on the design and development of a knowledge-based system for monitoring and analyzing evidence-based population health indicators, with focus on indicators of chronic diseases related to obesity.

Classified as : Staff, Faculty, External, Students
Published on : 17 Aug 2012

Incorporating the threat of terrorist attacks in the design of public service facility networks

In this paper, we consider the design problem of a public service facility network with existing facilities when there is a threat of possible terrorist attacks. The aim of the system planner, who is responsible for the operation of the network, is to open new facilities, relocate existing ones if necessary, and protect some of the facilities.

Classified as : Staff, Faculty, External, Students
Published on : 17 Aug 2012

Global standards and local knowledge building: Upgrading small producers in developing countries

Local knowledge building is a crucial factor for upgrading small producers and improving their market competitiveness and livelihoods. The rise of global standards affecting food safety and environmental sustainability in agriculture sparks debates on the impact on smallholders in developing countries.

Published on : 17 Aug 2012