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Remembering Adriano Tassone

When their son passed away tragically in 2009, Vincent and Sabina Tassone were determined that Adriano’s legacy of generosity would survive. Adriano Tassone excelled as a defensive back and on-field leader with the McGill Redmen football team while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with the Desautels Faculty of Management. Mr. and Mrs. Tassone promptly founded two awards that continue to honour Adriano’s name and the spirit of kindness that characterized his gregarious and charismatic personality.

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Published on : 03 Nov 2014

Free access to MS Office 365 ProPlus for faculty & staff, starting in December

Starting in December 2014*, Microsoft will begin offering McGill faculty and staff members FREE access to Office 365 ProPlus. This offering includes the Office 2013 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office apps, and will replace the current Microsoft Work at Home program.

Published on : 29 Oct 2014

PATH’s First Annual Symposium

The McGill Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health (PATH) presented their first annual symposium on Friday, October 3rd at the McGill Faculty Club. Entitled Making Connections, the Centre’s inaugural seminar event gathered prominent researchers from McGill and elsewhere who have an interest in studying the relationship between physical activity and health across a broad spectrum of healthy and diseased states.

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Published on : 17 Oct 2014

ECP's Professor Steven Shaw Interviewed on CJAD 800

The Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology's Dr. Steven Shaw discusses easing children back to school on the Andrew Carter Morning Show, CJAD 800. Listen here!

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Published on : 03 Oct 2014

The Science of Safety: Helmets at the Sochi Olympics. An interview with KPE's Dr. David Pearsall

“Helmet design has become more sophisticated, yet still a lot of athletes are getting concussions,” says Dr. David Pearsall, Co-Director of the McGill Ice Hockey Research Group and an expert in biomechanics. “The question remains: what are we missing in term of helmet testing measures?” See the complete story in the McGill Reporter.

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Published on : 21 Feb 2014

McGill's Resolution on the Québec Charter of Values

A message from Stuart (Kip) Cobbett, Chair of the Board of Governors, and Suzanne Fortier, Principal and Vice-Chancellor On November 7, the Quebec government moved forward with Bill 60, which retains the provision of prohibiting public sector employees from wearing conspicuous religious symbols, dropping the previously proposed exemption for universities and hospitals and substituting a time-limited transition to full implementation.

Published on : 29 Nov 2013

Faculty of Education Audiovisual Equipment Loan Service

The Faculty of Education will soon be re-establishing the audiovisual equipment loans service formerly managed by the Education Library & Curriculum Resources Centre. While we still have a lot to do in preparation we are optimistic that everything will be up and running by the beginning of the second week of classes. The new home for the Audiovisual Equipment Loan Service will be the Education Computer Lab in room 328 of the Education Building.

Published on : 21 Aug 2013

Dr. Catherine Guastavino named McGill University William Dawson Scholar

Dr. Catherine Guastavino, School of Information Studies faculty member, has been named a McGill University William Dawson Scholar. The William Dawson Scholar award recognizes a scholar developing into an outstanding and original researcher of world-class calibre who is poised to become a leader in his or her field and is held for five years (renewable).

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Published on : 06 Jul 2012

Vanier scholarships bring the world to McGill to help shape the future

Fourteen of the 156 new 2012 Vanier Scholars will be attending McGill University, coming from countries as diverse as Australia, Belgium, Peru and the United States, as well as from Canada.

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Published on : 03 Jul 2012

SSHRC grants to McGill researchers put youth first

Two McGill researchers were recently awarded large partnership grants by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). These grants are designed to foster research partnerships among the academic, private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

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Published on : 07 Jun 2012

ADEREQ award goes to Dr. Aliki Thomas Pyliotis, Educational & Counselling Psychology

Dr. Aliki Thomas Pyliotis, a doctoral student in Educational & Counselling Psychology and Faculty lecturer in Physical & Occupational Therapy, has won the “prix de la meilleure thèse de doctorat en éducation pour l’année 2011” which is awarded by the Association des doyens, doyennes et directeurs, directrices pour l’étude et la recherche en éducation du Québec (ADEREQ).

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Published on : 04 May 2012

Letting go can boost quality of life

A new study by Carsten Wrosch of Concordia University and Catherine Sabiston of McGill’s Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education found that breast cancer survivors who were able to let go of old exercise goals and set new ones increased their level of physical activity and showed an improved well-being overall.

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Published on : 23 Apr 2012

Self-Injury Website Developed by Dr. Nancy Heath Featured in the Montreal Gazette

The Montreal Gazette featured an article about the Self-Injury Outreach and Support website that was co-developed by ECP's Dr. Nancy Heath and was launched early last week.

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Published on : 13 Apr 2012

Dr. Dilson Rassier named William Dawson Scholar

Dr. Dilson Rassier has been named a William Dawson Scholar in recognition of his outstanding research in muscle biophysics. The William Dawson Scholar Award recognizes outstanding and original researchers of world-class caliber who are poised to become leaders in their areas of expertise.

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Published on : 02 Apr 2012