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Harriet Kuhnlein, PhD, RD, FASN, FIUNS, LLD (honoris causa), Professor Emerita (McGill) was recently recognized with a 2018 Alumni Recognition Award from the Health and Human Development Alumni Society of the Pennsylvania State University.

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Published on: 24 Apr 2018

McGill has sent four of its top students in the Farm Management and Technology (FMT) program at Macdonald Campus to compete in the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge (NAIDC), from April 12–14 in Visalia, California. Visalia is in the San Joaquin Valley, one of the most productive agricultural areas in the US, about 310 km north of Los Angeles.

Martha Mackinnon, Craig Waddell, Thomas MacDougall and Véronique Brisson are members of the Macdonald Dairy Challenge Club of the Macdonald Campus Student Society (MCSS) representing McGill at the Dairy Challenge.

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Published on: 13 Apr 2018

DOWNEY, Bruce R.

October 15, 1939 - April 4, 2018

The Department of Animal Science is saddened to announce the passing of Emeritus Professor Bruce Downey.

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Published on: 11 Apr 2018

If you participated in the MEDLIFE McGill Macdonald Branch/Global Food Security Club Krispy Kreme fundraiser, the We Are Aware: Montreal Campaign, or the Mac Basket Food Drive, you likely crossed paths with the ever-cheery Christine Ha, U3, BScNutrSc (Global Nutrition).

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Published on: 4 Apr 2018

“The system that's in place, the supply management system, is good for Québec producers and U.S. producers because it guarantees good prices and that allowed U.S. producers to actually expand rapidly in the last few years,” explains Pascal Thériault, an economist at McGill University's Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in Montréal.

Vermont Public Radio


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Published on: 12 Mar 2018

Discovery of calnexin protein’s role in the blood-brain barrier could lead to new MS treatments.

A discovery led by scientists at the University of Alberta and McGill University is providing hope of a new therapeutic target in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients, which could one day be used to prevent the symptoms and progression of the disease.

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Published on: 8 Mar 2018

CTV News Montreal

March 6. Dean Anja Geitmann was interviewed by CTV News Anchor Mutsumi Takahashi about what will be needed to meet the demands of the cannabis industry once legalization occurs, and how the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is responding to this need for trained professionals.

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Published on: 7 Mar 2018

[...] « Dans l'essai, la grande majorité des vaches sont allées et sont restées au pâturage », observe Elsa Vasseur, de l'université de McGill. Cela a représenté entre 90 à 98 % de l'effectif en semaine 1, 2 et 4. En semaine 3, seulement 40 % des vaches ont choisi le pâturage, « probablement en raison des températures plus froides associées à des conditions pluvieuses et venteuses ».

Plein Champ

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Published on: 28 Feb 2018

De plus en plus de consommateurs se tournent vers des substituts aux protéines provenant de la viande, entre autres les protéines de sources végétales. [...] Pascal Thériault, agroéconomiste à l'Université McGill, nous parle des changements à prévoir dans le monde agricole en matière de cultures et aussi en matière d'élevages.


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Published on: 28 Feb 2018

It’s a question that has long plagued humanity: are we alone in the universe?

Scientists at McGill’s Macdonald campus are venturing towards a definitive answer with the development of a biosignature or life-detection platform.

...“There are some indications that Mars, many billions of years ago, was much warmer – and much wetter,” explained Lyle Whyte, a McGill professor. “Where it would have been an environment that we can envision it would have hosted life as we know on Earth.”

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Published on: 26 Feb 2018

Conducting a bird census by foot can also be disruptive, David Bird, an emeritus professor of wildlife biology at McGill University, told Popular Science. “While you’re doing that, you’re disturbing the hell out of the birds,” Bird said.

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Published on: 21 Feb 2018

Dozens of McGill researchers will participate in two of the five “superclusters” announced Thursday, Feb. 15, by the federal government and funded under its Innovation Superclusters Initiative.

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Published on: 19 Feb 2018

Participants, including scientists from McGill University, Canada, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, NGOs, representatives from processing machineries industry, small and micro level food enterprises, push cart vendors and farmers took part in the workshop.

Times of India


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Published on: 19 Feb 2018

Vijaya Raghavan, Professor, McGill University, which is one of the collaborators of the project, said that promoting the consumption of small millets was not only key for addressing malnutrition related issues, but also to address climate change.

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Published on: 19 Feb 2018