Welcome to our newest colleagues in Law!


Louise Otis, Senior Boulton Fellow, joins us "in residence" throughout the year and will teach a seminar on mediation in the summer term of 2011. Ms. Otis was a judge in the Court of Appeal of Quebec and is one of the most respected experts in mediation in North America.

Marc Gold also joins us as Senior Boulton Fellow. He is currently Vice President of Maxwell Cummings and Sons Holdings and will also be "in residence" throughout the year.  M. Gold is teaching a section of our "Foundations of Canadian Law" course.

The Honourable Allan Hilton is our judge-in-residence this year.  A proud graduate of this Faculty, Mr. Justice Hilton sits on the Quebec Court of Appeal.  Mr. Justice Hilton will contribute to a variety of courses in the Faculty this year and will also launch our continuing education program in October with a course on Appellate Advocacy.

Professor Giorgio Resta is visiting professor from the University of Bari in Italy. Professor Resta is an expert in comparative law, and has taken on the challenging task of teaching one of our first year sections in Extracontractual Obligations.

The Faculty is also hosting two visitors from the University of Hong Kong, Professors Douglas Arner and James Fry. Professor Arner is teaching a course on the Law and Practice of International Trade, and has already begun to plan events and seminars for the benefit of all.  Professor Fry is particularly keen to learn more about our transsystemic program, in preparation for a report on the desirability of introducing transsystemic teaching in China.

Also with us this term are Professor Bingwei Wang, from the Tianjin Administration Institute, who is doing research on Maritime Law, and Professor Ziqin Zhu, on leave from the China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing, where she is Deputy Director. Professor Elise Charpentier, from Université de Montréal, is continuing her sabbatical leave with us that began in January.

Ada-Maria Kuskowski, another graduate of the Faculty, has returned to study and edit the unpublished work of Walter Johnson, once a McGill Law Faculty Lecturer, whose manuscript contains unique insight on Medieval Law.  Ms. Kuskowski is also offering a seminar on Medieval Law in the Faculty while she completes her doctoral studies at Cornell University.

Finally, Julie Paquin is this year's Wainwright Junior Fellow. Ms. Paquin, who recently completed her doctorate at McGill under Professor Adelle Blackett's supervision, will be teaching courses on Leases, and Business Associations.

A warm welcome to our new colleagues!


PHOTO: carving detail in the Common Room. L. Larose.