Want to access McGill Library online resources while off campus? It’s easy with EZproxy!


When off campus (home, office, on the road, etc), McGill users can now use EZproxy to easily access McGill Library online resources (e-journals, e-books, etc.) from any personal computer or mobile device simply by entering their authorized McGill login (email address) and password (email password) once only per browser session when prompted. Unlike the Virtual Private Network (VPN), EZProxy requires no prior computer or browser set-up. The easiest place to start is with the search options on the McGill Library homepage. Alternatively, you can also use LibX McGill (see Proxy Support) or start from Google Scholar but only after Google Scholar’s preferences have been linked to McGill. Check the EZproxy FAQ for instructions on how to configure Scholar.

McGill users also can access the Library’s extensive online collections via tools such as the Resources by Subject page, the McGill WorldCat catalogue, the McGill Classic catalogue, the eResearch Gateway (databases etc), or Find an eJournal.

EZproxy does not replace the McGill VPN as they serve different purposes. VPN, as part of the university IT infrastructure, will continue to support a broad range of academic activities requiring remote authentication such as access to Word documents, departmental networks and files, etc. In fact, satisfied VPN users can continue to use VPN exactly as they have in the past. Please note, EZproxy will not function when VPN is enabled.

For more information, please visit the Accessing online resources page and the EZproxy FAQ.