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Vincent-Joël Proulx, DCL candidate, to be the McGill law clerk at the International Court of Justice in 2008-2009


Published: 7 Apr 2008

Vincent-Joël Proulx, DCL candidate, has been selected by the International Court of Justice to be the 2008-2009 McGill law clerk. Along with New York University, Columbia, Yale, Michigan, Geneva and Strasbourg, the McGill University Faculty of Law has been a participant in the Judicial Assistants Programme of the International Court of Justice since 2005.

Modelled on the U.S. and Canadian Supreme Courts' clerkship programs, the Judicial Assistants Programme allows recent law graduates to work closely with one or two judges of the International Court of Justice in the preparation of hearings and the drafting of decisions. This is a rare opportunity for a McGill law student or recent graduate to work within one of the world's most important legal institutions.

Previous McGill law clerks at the ICJ have been Sean Fraser (BCL/LLB'02), Kimberley Trapp (BA'95, BCL/LLB'99) and Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry (BCL/LLB'04).

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