Trudeau Foundation Scholarship


Fifteen young PhD students received $2.7 million worth of scholarships from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation on May 20, 2009. Amongst the recipients is David Theodore (B.A. 1991, B.Sc.Arch. 1994, B.Arch. 1996, M.Arch. 2001), until recently a research associate and third-year studio design teacher at the School, and currently a Ph.D. student at Harvard undertaking a double doctorate in Architecture and Urban Planning. He is studying the architecture of health-care buildings as a form of medical technology influencing health care.

The Trudeau Scholarships, worth up to $180,000 each, will help the students advance research on crucial topics such as affordable housing, gambling addiction, water supply management, assistance to refugees, and health worker migration. The Scholars are all actively engaged in their fields and expected to become leading national and international authorities on issues that affect local and global societies.

“Trudeau Scholarships not only accelerate the careers of those who receive them, but also enable recipients to make a significant contribution to Canada and to Canadians. We reward excellence and provide young doctorate students with the best conditions to ground their work in the real world,” said Foundation President P.G. Forest. The annual $60,000 bursaries, for up to four years, subsidize tuition fees and living expenses and allow the Scholars to travel for research and scholarly networking and knowledge dissemination. The Trudeau Scholarships are the most generous awards of their kind in Canada.