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Trip Allport, BCom'04


Published: 12 Nov 2009


Trip Allport, BCom'04

For the past 5 years Trip has been working with Accenture in the Strategy Group. The first three years was in the US Health & Life Sciences industry group, based out of NYC. He took an assignment in 2007 in Cape Town, South Africa for 4 months helping one of SA’s largest hospital groups look at how to expand access to healthcare to the low income populations of SA (~85% of 47m people do not have medical insurance). After that engagement, he decided to return to SA full-time with the Strategy Group here as a SA employee, and has been there for two years working across a broad range of industries and functions. Earlier this year, he took an assignment within Accenture’s non-profit arm called Accenture Development Partnerships with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in India for 4 months, looking at how to leverage ICT (Information Communications & Technology) to collect and disseminate information using mobile phones to poor rural populations for agricultural development and poverty alleviation. In this work, he found his passion for development, and committed to dedicate his efforts to this area going forward.

As of October 1 this year, Trip assumed the role with Accenture Development Partnerships as the International Programme Manager for Africa. ADP is a non-profit group within Accenture that provides management and technology consulting services to organizations in the international development sector. The ADP International Programs Team (IP Team) manages all business development and client relationship management activities for ADP’s current clients and also seeks to develop project opportunities with new organisations. There are currently eleven members of the core IP team, primarily based in the USA and UK. As ADP grows globally, another regional hub has just been established in South Africa in September 2009. Trip will be looking after ADP’s Africa and South African development markets, engagement teams, clients and partnerships.

For more information on ADP, visit: www.accenture.com/adp; contact Trip at trip [dot] allport [at] accenture [dot] com

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