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Three ICL students present at scholarly conference


Published: 19 Feb 2009

Rose Grogan, Samatha Jones and Andrea Sanche, three LL.M. students of the Institute of Comparative Law, attended the "Global Generations Conference:  Human Rights and Health Law at a Crossroad" conference that was held at the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Law on February 13, 2009.  Each delivered a paper at the conference.

Rose Grogan presented a paper entitled "On Deaf Ears".  Rose uses the case study of deaf parents who want to use reproductive technology to create a deaf child to illustrate the inadequacies of international human rights law in the fields of reproductive rights and anti-discrimination.

Samantha Jones' research paper, "Torture, Deportation and HIV/AIDS: The Right to Healthcare under Article 3 of the ECHR" looks at the narrowness of the absolute nature of the Article 3 of European Convention on Human Rights, freedom from torture, and the reluctance of the European Court of Human Rights to impose a right to healthcare on states to provide protection to HIV-positive foreign nationals who are to be returned to countries with inadequate social and healthcare facilities. In January 2009, Samantha also attended the University of Toronto's conference on transitional justice ("Towards Critical Mass") and presented her paper entitled "Head in the Clouds: The International Criminal Court's Approach to the Northern Uganda Conflict and Finding the Appropriate Response".  Samantha presented her paper as a part of the "Transitional Justice: Justice on Whose Terms?" panel, moderated by Prof. David Dyzenhaus of U of T.

In her paper, "'Teach Your Children Well': Articulating Children's Right to Sexuality Education", Andrea Sanche argues that children have a right to sexuality education.  Drawing on the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, Andrea argues that the right to a sexuality education is a fundamental aspect of a child's right to an education, to a private life, and to receive information, as articulated in several international and regional human rights instruments.  In her paper, Andrea reviews two case studies – the case of Interights v. Croatia and USAIDS funding and its influence on the west African model law on HIV/AIDS – to demonstrate the immediacy and importance of this issue.

Congratulations Rose, Samantha and Andrea!


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