Synchro squad captures unprecented CUSSL championship for 8th consecutive year





CALGARY -- McGill captured the Geraldine Dubrule trophy to win their eighth consecutive Canadian University Synchronized Swim League championship in Calgary on Feb. 4.


McGill won the novice team routine, finished second in both the elite team routine and the novice solo category. They also placed third in both the elite solo routine and the elite duet routine.


"It was a very exciting competition and although our top elite team was barely edged out by the University of Calgary, we managed to score points in all events and bring home the Dubrule trophy again," said Katherine LePage, co-president of the synchro club.


Each event has been posted to the CUSSL Youtube Channel:


The team closes out another great season with 52nd annual McGill Water Show at the Memorial Pool on Thursday (Feb. 9) at 8 p.m.


McGill's results in summary are as follows:


Novice Solo:

2. McGill - Kelly Witkowski

Coached by Catherine Pollock


Novice Team:

1. McGill - Swimmers are: Kelly Witkowski, Eira Nesbitt-Wood, Emma Sheehan, Juliette Perrain, Susan Ge, Paula Kent, Charlotte Wynn and Andrea Pejovic

Coached by Vanessa Foucher and Catherine Pollock


Elite Solo:

3. McGill - Danielle tenVaanholt

4. McGill - Hannah Ungar

Both Solos are Self-Coached


Elite Duet:

3. McGill - Carrie Mouck and Lisa Portney



Elite Team:

2. (Preliminaries and Finals) McGill White - Emmanuelle Beaulieu, Carrie Mouck, Lisa Portney, Samantha Allen, Hannah Ungar, Danielle tenVaanholt, Lauren Pinkus, Christina Daoussis and Alexandra Dimmer

Coached by Lynn Macrae

8. (Preliminaries) and 11. (Finals) McGill Red -  Xenia Cravetchi, Hilary Clayton, Vanessa Mumme, Tanya Hurtubise, Shannon Herrick, Karling Roberts, Simone Sinclair-Walker and Erica Messore

Coached by Katherine LePage



Earl Zukerman

McGill Athletics & Recreation