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A strengthened network of services in Chronic Pain Management


Published: 22 Oct 2013

2013 External audit for RUIS McGill’s Centre for expertise in Chronic Pain – summarized report/release

A strengthened network of services in Chronic Pain Management

RUIS McGill’s Centre for Expertise in Chronic Pain recently underwent its first review by the MSSS since its establishment in 2010. The review involved teams from the Montreal General Hospital, the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital and the Constance-Lethbridge Rehabilitation Centre as well as partners from the RUIS network. The final report highlighted a number of strengths, including the Centre’s clearly established and strong interdisciplinary approach and the Centre’s strong awareness of its responsibility to the population served by RUIS McGill.


Since its inception the Centre– has been effective in recognizing and addressing the needs of patients suffering from chronic pain. During the next three year cycle the Centre, with the support and participation of the MSSS and the various regional authorities will continue to develop the necessary mechanisms to ensure optimal interventions and support for a coordinated management of chronic pain services in the RUIS McGill.

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