Statements from Dean Peter Todd and Chancellor Arnold Steinberg


Dean Todd, Desautels Faculty of Management:

"Congratulations to all the finalists of the Hult Prize. We are enormously proud of the Desautels Faculty of Management MBA Hult team. They have embodied the integrated, holistic, and responsible approach to management and to solving world problems that we foster at Desautels. We commend and thank the Hult Prize Foundation for its dedication to launching the world's next wave of social entrepreneurs and encouraging the world's brightest business minds to solve the planet's biggest challenges through integrated solutions. More than ever, we need leaders like Mohammed, Gabe, Jesse, Shobhita, and Zev who come-up with innovative solutions in these challenging times. I am confident that they, and others in the Hult Prize competition, will continue to inspire those around them while helping make our world a better place."

Chancellor Arnold Steinberg, McGill University:

"I am extremely delighted for the Desautels MBA Hult team. As an advisor for the team throughout their preparation, I was continually inspired by their commitment to creating positive change in our world. At McGill, we aim to empower our students, faculty, and graduates to make these kinds of innovative, diverse, and effective contributions, across all levels of society. Mohammed, Gabe, Jesse, Shobhita, and Zev embody the important qualities revered at McGill—they think and act globally, strategically, and with integrity. During the entire Hult Prize competition and particularly for the Global Finals, they have set an important example to people everywhere by addressing world problems through pioneering solutions. I know that this is an important milestone, but only the beginning of their great journey to becoming extraordinary, global game changers."