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Spotlight on Dr. Rimma Orenman


Published: 25 Nov 2013

In this week’s Spotlight, we would like to welcome Dr. Rimma Orenman as a new member of our department.

Dr. Orenman has been appointed as a full-time faculty lecturer who will be joining the DMHUI Great North Mental Health Program, serving the mental health needs of the Nunavik population through the Réseau Universitaire Intégré en Sante (RUIS McGill) program. Dr. Orenman completed her residency at McGill and has a background in anthropology. She has had a longstanding interest in working in the Quebec north.

In her role as a psychiatrist dedicated to Nunavik, Dr Orenman will be able to work collaboratively with a wide array of partners both in Nunavik and at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute to provide collaborative care while in Nunavik as well as while in Montreal, bringing the expertise of the DMHUI to support clinical teams and patients in Nunavik.

The Great North Mental Health Program is one of the seven programs governed by RUIS McGill. This program is setup in order to deliver high-quality mental health care to the Northern communities of Quebec. Working in collaboration with professionals from the DMHUI, JGH, St-Mary’s Hospital, and the MUHC, this program aims to promote culturally-adapted mental health care to those living in the Cree and Inuit communities. For more on RUIS programs, please visit http://www.mcgill.ca/psychiatry/ruis.

**The “Spotlight” is an on-going departmental news capsule which spotlights a member of our faculty, their involvements and accomplishments. Should you wish to nominate someone for the series, please submit to communications [dot] psychiatry [at] mcgill [dot] ca (communications [dot] psychiatry [at] mcgill [dot] ca) **



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