Security Services


Update your personal contact information — it's important!

McGill Security Services is a 24/7 operation. Often, we are the University's clearinghouse for processing emergency messages, dispatching emergency services, notifying appropriate people of problems, and expediting the flow of such information.

Keeping your personal contact information updated is crucial. It ensures that we can find you quickly either to return lost possessions to you or to communicate important information. Emergencies are unpredictable, so why take a chance?

Updating your personal contact information is easy. Just log into Minerva and click on the "Personal" menu. Verify that your address, phone number and emergency contact are correct. Revise them if they are no longer valid.

Your personal information is kept confidential. Access to it is restricted and must be justified in writing.

Do you have labs containing expensive equipment? Do you have labs with very valuable research? Updated contact information is very important. If you want Security Services to reach you quickly, we need an updated Laboratory Information Sheet on the door and recent contact information available, either posted in your lab or provided directly to Security Services, where it will be kept in the strictest confidence. Speak to your building director and help us help you.

McGill Security Services works with you for a safe community.