The School of Internet Marketing Instructor Dan Maynard Explains Why Small Businesses Should be Using YouTube to Increase Revenue


When used properly, YouTube can be a powerful tool in getting the word out about your business faster than nearly any other social media network. In May 2011, YouTube reported on its company blog that it received more than three billion views per day. Just seven months later in January 2012, YouTube stated that figure had increased to more than six billion views per day*. That number continues to grow everyday and that means big money for businesses who utilize YouTube as part of their marketing strategy.

... James Martell, VP of Business Development for The School of Internet Marketing, interviewed Dan Maynard (BCom'98), author of Video Traffic Adrenaline - Essential Guide to Generating Leads for Small Business, for his weekly podcast. Dan is an expert in video SEO with a focus on YouTube. He is renowned for developing top rankings in YouTube and teaches students to do the same as an instructor of Video Traffic Adrenaline at the The School of Internet Marketing.

Read full article: Digital Journal, August 15, 2013