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Results of the March 2013 CIHR Operating Grants Competition


Published: 7 Aug 2013

Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the CIHR operating grants competition. (Posted June 28, 2013) 

Gabriella Gobbi (Martin Beaulieu)
Melatonin MT1 receptor as a target for antidepressant drugs

Jorge Armony (Neda Ladbon Bernasconi)
Effects of Amygdala Lesions on Human Emotional Processing

Véronique Bohbot (John C Breitner, Ridha Joober, Kyoko Konishi)
Genetic modulation of Virtual Navigational Strategies, and Brain Function and Grey Matter in Healthy Aging

Myra Piat (Mimi Israel, Paul Morin, Deborah K Padgett, Michel Perreault, John N Trainor,)
Moving from Custodial Housing to Autonomous Living: The Lived Experience of Residents and Their Recovery from Serious Mental Illness

Norbert Schmitz (Philip Awadalla, Alain D Lesage, Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret, Irene Strychar, Jianli Wang,)
Depression as a risk factor for type 2 diabetes: role of metabolic factors


Source Site: /psychiatry