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Raising the Global Floor: Where does Canada rank when it comes to working?


Published: 17 Nov 2009

La première étude mondiale la plus étoffée sur le soutien en milieu de travail au cœur d'un nouveau livre de Jody Heymann

Most extensive global study ever on issues of workplace supports is focus of new book by Jody Heymann

How many UN nations have laws mandating paid sick leave, maternity leave and annual leave?

What is the effect of these laws on global competitiveness?

Where does Canada fall compared to nations around the world?

Should these policies be left to individual businesses or the government?

What is the effect of such policies on the workforce?

The first-ever global analysis of these issues is the focus of a new book by McGill University's Jody Heymann, a leading expert on global work-family policies and founding director of McGill's Institute for Health and Social Policy. Raising the Global Floor: Dismantling the Myth that We Can't Afford Good Working Conditions for Everyone (Stanford University Press), to be released Tuesday, Nov. 17, examines the effect of these workplace supports on businesses, workers, families - and on jobs, competitiveness and economic stability.

The conclusion? Countries can afford better workplace policies, without harming their competitiveness.

On the Web: www.raisingtheglobalfloor.org


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