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Publication of “Le droit civil et ses codes: parcours à travers les Amériques”


Published: 16 Jan 2012

In 2009-2010, the Quebec Research Centre of Private and Comparative Law hosted a series of Civil Law Workshops on the theme "The Civil Law and its Codes: A Journey Across the Americas". The collected texts have now been published by Les Éditions Thémis under the title Le droit civil et ses codes: parcours à travers les Amériques.

This collection includes three papers in English and four in French. The papers speak to aspects of the role of the Civil Code in Louisiana, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Quebec, and Brazil.

Professor Benoît Moore, holder of the Jean-Louis Baudouin Chair in Civil Law at the Université de Montréal, contributes an overarching synthesis of the series.

To find out more or to order: http://www.editionsthemis.com/livres/livre-4816-le-droit-civil-et-ses-codes-parcours-a-travers-les-ameriques.html

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